For Chinese Tourists Behaving Badly, A Government Blacklist


“Ugly Americans” — tourists with appalling manners, loud voices,
louder apparel and heaps of cultural insensitivity — have been an
enduring stereotype for decades.

They are now facing a major challenge from their increasingly well-traveled Chinese counterparts.

only are the Chinese bemoaning their rudeness at home and abroad, the
government has responded with new rules that took effect this week,
aimed at keeping loutish travelers in check.

And in a major
innovation, the government has named four tourists to a new blacklist,
which could affect their credit ratings and freedom to travel for years.

There was considerable competition in the airborne category.

Wang Sheng and Zhang Yan earned special recognition for their
performance on a Bangkok-to-China flight last December. When they did
not immediately get the seats they wanted, they threw hot instant noodles at a stewardess and threatened to blow up the plane. The pilot then made a U-turn and headed back to Bangkok, where police detained the pair.

Another traveler was blacklisted for opening a door on his flight as it was about to take off. Another was photographed climbing on statues of Chinese civil war-era soldiers.

year, Chinese tourists took 109 million trips overseas, 20 percent more
than in 2013. Many host nations may be inclined to overlook misbehaving
Chinese tourists because China now contributes more money to the global
tourism industry than any other nation.

Chinese characters that read

Chinese characters that read “Ding Jinhao was here” are seen
on the torso of figure on the wall of a 2,500-year-old temple in Luxor,
Egypt, in 2013. A 15-year-old Chinese boy scratched the characters onto
the wall of the ancient site.

China Stringer Network/Reuters/Landov

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China Stringer Network/Reuters/Landov

The problem of what Chinese officials call “uncivilized tourists”
has become “a major issue in our oversight of the tourism industry,”
says Li Zhongguang, a researcher at an arm of the China National Tourism

“Our government has been forced to respond to it.”

two dozen government departments were involved in drafting the new
rules, Li says, including the ruling Communist Party’s “Civilization
Office,” which is in charge of ideological affairs.

Li adds
that China has had laws on the books for nearly two decades banning bad
tourist behavior, and encouraging its opposite, but he says they haven’t
had the desired effect.

One of the most embarrassing episodes came two years ago, when a 15-year-old Chinese tourist carved his name on ancient bas reliefs in a temple in Luxor, Egypt.

Chinese citizens have questioned whether the new rules are too harsh,
or infringe on civil liberties, such as privacy and the right to travel.
Li says the concerns are overblown, and the rules will affect very few

“Some media have misread these rules as being tougher
than they really are, like reporting that folks won’t be able to pick
their noses in public,” he says. “These rules are really are only meant
to curb the worst excesses.”

Experienced Beijing-based tour operator Chuck Liu has taken
tourists to many countries. He welcomes the new rules. He thinks they’ll
help him to help tourists avoid the most common forms of bad behavior,
such as cutting in line, littering, smoking and talking loudly where
they’re not allowed.

“As adults, they completely understand the
principles involved,” Liu says of his customers. “It’s just a matter of
changing their ingrained habits.”

Not everyone gets it, though.

of them think nothing of it. They say ‘never mind, it doesn’t matter.’
But I tell them, ‘this is the law in the U.S. We’re not in China

Liu remembers bringing a group to Hawaii during the
Mid-Autumn Festival, a holiday celebrated by ethnic Chinese. In their
luggage, the tour group members carried the traditional treat eaten
during this holiday: mooncakes.

says that when customs officers discovered the cakes, they said they’d
have to confiscate them. And if it happened again, they could be barred
from entering the U.S. But that’s not where the story ends.

I was communicating with the customs officers, my group proceeded to
eat all of the moon cakes,” Liu says. “When the officers saw this, they
were at first embarrassed. But then they got angry … when they
realized that the tourists had just eaten all the evidence.


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11 Things Happy People Almost Never Do


“Happy people are happy people because they do what happy people do.”

Those people we know who seem to be the happiest among us are not
perfect—not even in their own happiness. No one wears a grin 24-7, after

Still, just as success is the byproduct of adopting the commonly
shared habits of successful people and avoiding the counterproductive
habits of the unsuccessful, so happiness is usually what very naturally
happens when we do what happy people do and avoid the behaviors and
attitudes of the unhappy.

Certainly not everything happy people do is relevant to their
happiness, though. And certainly not everything unhappy people do is a
contributing factor to their unhappiness. But learning the differences
between the two can still be highly instructive at pointing us down the
right path.

This, then, is a post that focuses on the behaviors happy people tend
to avoid, the thoughts they almost never harbor, and the attitudes and
beliefs that they rarely sustain.

Learning the pitfalls to happiness, after all, can prove extremely useful to your own pursuit of it.

What the Happiest People in the World Almost Never Do

1. Happy People Almost Never Whine

Everyone complains from time to time: Traffic jams, tax hikes,
getting overlooked for an expected promotion, discovering you’re out of
milk just after pouring a bowl of Cheerios.

But when complaining becomes a chronic way of life, your happiness
suffers. How could it be otherwise? To whine, moan and complain about
everything is, by definition, the art of focusing your attention on the
unhappy parts of living.

Keep in mind that happy people have plenty to complain about—they
just tend to make molehills of mountains rather than mountains of small
things as they focus on what’s good and praiseworthy.

2. Happy People Almost Never Compare Themselves to Others

Comparisons serve no one. Happy people have role models and people whose lives inspire them like most people do.

But that’s where it stops. They recognize that we are all
multifaceted people who live vastly different lives with unique personal
histories and are therefore not truly comparable.

They also recognize the futility of birds wishing they were fish or
giraffes wishing they were kittens or people wishing they were perfect.
Instead, they celebrate their own uniqueness and have a mix of
compassion, acceptance and humor for their particular set of goofy,
mismatched and idiosyncratic parts.

3. Happy People Almost Never Let Fear Stop Them

That’s certainly not to say that happy people are fearless. They feel what everyone else feels to one degree or another.

They simply refuse to allow their fears the power to dictate their
lives. They take massive action toward their goals despite their fears
and insecurities.

In other words, they feel their feelings but choose their behavior.

4. Happy People Almost Never Take Themselves Too Seriously

Life is funny. So are we humanoid types! Yeah, sure, so you have a
college degree with a lofty title and a respected reputation. You’re
important and prestigious and uber-cool. So what! Learn to laugh and
laugh regularly at your own missteps, goof-ups and puffed-up sense of

That’s what happy people do, anyway. We rarely start a sentence with, “How dare you…”

Why would we? Are we so exalted that another human has no right
acting the part of an imperfect human being around us? Just decide once
and for all to simply get over yourself long enough to enjoy life and
stop making the universe all about you!

5. Happy People Almost Never Hold Grudges

When people in our lives consistently behave so atrociously that
letting bygones be bygones is just not an option, happy people tend to
let go.

They don’t hug porcupines, put their hands in fire, or allow
themselves repeated emotional slaps to their dignity and self-respect
either. They do what can be done to address the problem, for sure. But
then they leave the unscrupulous to their own devices, to God, the law,
or karma without allowing it to fester inside for too long. They readily
forgive and let go.

Holding on to grudges, offense or hate is emotional constipation of
the worst kind, after all. And happy people tend to avoid such emotional

6. Happy People Almost Never Hide from the Truth

Happy people are not self-delusional. They accept reality for what it
is. The Truth doesn’t scare them, even if it means they change their
mind, position, or ideology.

They are therefore more open to honest feedback because they can
handle the criticism (their happiness does not come from others’
acceptance of them) and they actually seek input that can help them improve and grow.

7. Happy People Almost Never Isolate themselves

We know that the happiest people have friends. They interact with
others. They belong to communities of people, to clubs or churches or
committees or close-knit neighborhoods. Certainly they have quiet time
and even enjoy their alone time. That’s not what I’m talking about.

There are unhappy extroverts as there are happy introverts. But happy
people of either variety almost never lock their doors, pull the blinds
and stay away from others for extended periods of time.

Isolation does not lend itself to happiness, even if it feels comfortable to those who are socially uncomfortable.

8. Happy People Almost Never Take Things for Granted

It’s easy to get accustomed to things that happen regularly. We
therefore tend to take so much of life for granted, and even begin to
expect them. “Thank you for doing the dishes? Why would I thank you for
that?! It’s your job, for crying out loud!”

Happy people seldom think that way. They tend to feel gratitude for
the sunrises and little kindnesses and the good people in their lives.

They say thank you, not by habit—even if it may seem that way to the
ingrate—but because they truly feel grateful for dishes washed, garbage
taken out, children’s smiles and sunrises.

9. Happy People Almost Never Ignore Character

Personality can make people interesting, fun to be around, charismatic. Character makes them good, decent, kind and loving.

Happy people rarely confuse one with the other. Their own character
is utmost in their own lives as well. Who they are is much more than
personality, fashion or image. And who they are on the inside matters
greatly to them.

10. Happy People Almost Never Live Sedentary Lives

The happiest of people spend time outdoors. They go places and do
things. Don’t get me wrong, not all happy people would enjoy everything
other happy people enjoy. Some may find themselves on the ski slopes or
climbing a mountain while other happy people prefer people watching at
the mall or reading a thought-provoking book.

But they do get out—to parks, walks around the block, to museums, to
stadiums or restaurants or the beach. They play guitar or soccer or work
on cars or build models or breed dogs.

The point is that they don’t sit around watching a lot of TV. They
actively and enthusiastically live life to its fullest—whatever “full”
means to each happy individual.

11. Happy People Almost Never Do Anything to Excess (for too long)

Happy people seldom sleep more than they need to, or eat more than
they should. They don’t fly into rages or cuss people out or flip people
off. They seldom lose control of their emotions or have affairs or even
exercise to the point of not having enough time to spend with their

In short, happy people have well-rounded lives. They don’t neglect
one part of their lives to dedicate everything to another part.

There are seasons of being off-balance, of course. When work projects
are due or graduation is pending or a relationship needs mending, they
may focus more on those parts at those times. But in general, they are
balanced and happy because of it.

Final Thoughts

No one perfectly avoids anything on this list. We all have
moments when self-control is lost, or too much TV is watched, or we let
fear creep in and slow us down. We all have lapses and make mistakes and
fall down and get our hearts or our character a bit battered and

But happy people do well at minimizing such things. They tend to
avoid them, seldom engage in them and usually rise to the occasion most
of the time. As such, they tend to be happier than those who don’t.

The key to living a happy life, then, is, in part, learning the art
of avoiding those things happy people avoid, at least most of the time
and on good days.

Challenge: Choose one of the items on the list of behaviors above and go to work minimizing it.

| Meant to be Happy

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Why Delta did not win anything at the 2015 Freddie Awards (it’s not all that hard).


Delta was an amazing host for this year’s Freddie awards – they truly
were. The event, at the Delta flight museum that I reviewed HERE was just about perfect. Also, just like Delta food on-board, was VERY good.
There is not anything but heaps of praise that can be bestowed on Delta
for all they and the other partners did to make this one of the most
memorable Freddie awards ceremonies EVER!. There was just one teeny, tiny, problem…
2015 freddie awards at delta atlantaDelta was not even nominated for any awards by voters

Yep, Delta not win anything at all because they were not even
nominated to win anything and that is kinda a pre-requisite before you
can win. So why did this happen? It really is not that hard to see why
and it is all about loyalty rewards (or the lack thereof). Let’s make it
simple and look why.

The end of stopovers on award tickets. This is the most crushing change Delta has EVER made to their award program. If you do not agree, you do not understand SkyMiles at all.
Stopover’s is what for years and years made SkyMiles, to those who know
and value the program, a jewel worth treasuring and keeping. It
allowed, not just a stop along the way to explore some amazing part of
the planet, but it made hard to find awards possible all at LEVEL 1
awards in coach or business class (or a mix as well). Stopovers on
awards was the “oil” that made the SkyMiles engine work without
overheating and dying.

Hiding the award charts. Delta still uses the 5 level award charts.
They are still CLEARLY there as they use them when coding the
redemption level of any award. Who in their right mind would vote for
SkyMiles to win anything when you are hiding the award charts. This must
be fixed.

Charting 2 or 3x what an award should be.
Thanks to the end of stopovers and the end of mixed award with partners
you can end up paying for 2 or even 3 one way award tickets to get from
one place to another. What other frequent flyer program over charges
you for one single trip 2 or 3 times what it should cost you? This must
be fixed and bringing back stopovers would take care of much of this

Revenue based earnings. Delta is NOT going to change
this one. They feel this is “innovative” (unlike the program of the
year AA that did innovate and pays MORE miles for big spenders). That
program IS innovating, that is, rewarding those who fly a little and
really rewarding those who spend the most. Those who say it is just a
matter of time before AA does what Delta did is living in a fantasy
world. AA is #Winning and many are switching to fly them for just this

10k coach seats don’t cut it. Delta has twice now come up with el’Cheap’O
10k SkyMiles limited award tickets. Who cares! Delta seems to think
that lots of coach level redemptions shows the new things they are doing
are working and that “the numbers don’t lie”. But you know what won at
the Freddie’s? KLM with their promotion that offered coach AND business
class seats at up to 50% off. Now this is hard for Delta to do since
they hide their 5 level award charts. You maybe see the point I hope.

I could really do this all day long like charging more SkyMiles if not 21+ day bookings, removal of more award space for medallions and Delta AMEX card
holders, cutting Platinum and Gold upgrade shots from JFK to LAX &
SFO, SDC changes, E-Class non-medallion upgrades and so on. There is so
much busted with SkyMiles that in a good way there is just about no
where to go but UP from here. So we at least have that. Delta needs to
fix what they broke and really innovate for a change.

If Delta did not have a frequent flyer program at all, they would,
hands down, have the best airline in the USA! No questions asked. I
think most would agree with me here. But they do have an awards program.
They do, on paper at least, say they want to reward those who spend the
most with Delta. It is time they started to show that by the slogan “Keep Climbing“! – René

 – Delta PointsDelta Points

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Spotify Accidentally Leaked Janet Jackson’s Tour Date

A brief recap if you’re just tuning into the Janet Jackson comeback
gate: Last week the fan forum combusted in flames when a fake
screenshot from Atlantic Records revealed that Jackson would be
dropping an untitled album on July 7th. The real elusive chanteuse has
remained tight-lipped on rumors that she’ll be slaying our summer with a
follow up to 2008’s Discipline, but oops! We’re reporting exclusively
that Spotify has listed Janet Jackson’s upcoming tour date at the
Comerica Theatre on July 28th in Phoenix, Arizona.


When SWAGGER contacted Comerica Theatre they attempted to stay
tight-lipped about Jackson’s concert. “Janet was scheduled to perform
here on July 28th,” a representative told me before putting me on hold.
Is it cancelled, I asked? “For right now, I’d suggest you keep calling
back,” she indicated. So Janet did schedule something for July 28th? How
interesting it is that the show was scheduled but three weeks after an
alleged album was slated to drop? And why is it still showing up in the
Comerica system? #Sus

Other ticket sites like SeatGeek have populated the same July 28thth
listing. “It’s hard to track where the listing initiated within our
local markets,” a representative told me. When pressed on whether the
show could be a fluke, he added “It’s probably a legitimate show.” But
to be safe, SeatGeek has taken down the date until more information
leaks in.

So will Janet give the nation some new rhythm in July? Probably. But
more importantly, will goof-ups like the Spotify announcement ruin most
artists’ abilities to surprise us with new work?

In November, Amazon beat Beyonce to the punch by announcing a
pre-order to her four-disc compilation album. After that, video
streaming site VEVO teased the visuals to the Nicki Minaj-assisted remix
to “Flawless”, and ruined the surprise that everyone’s favorite Queen
Bey would team up with everyone’s favorite Queen Barbie. And famously,
Interscope (mistakenly?) released Kendrick Lamar’s album, To Pimp A
Butterfly before its release date, prompting a Cookie Lyons-like tweet
from the Top Dawg CEO that has since been deleted.

 | Styleite

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‘American Idol’ Ends! – Former King of Reality Shows Hanging It Up in 2016



American Idol” — once the king of all reality
shows and the godfather of shows like “The Voice” and “The X Factor” —
will be sent off to pasture in 2016. It was 15 seasons old.

“Idol” began in 2002 and at its height averaged 30 million viewers a season. The show introduced Simon Cowell to the United States and made Ryan Seacrest a household name.

Among the singers who owe their careers to the show: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Taylor Hicks. “Idol” even briefly brought Paula Abdul back into the limelight.

Fact is … on multiple levels it’s one of the most successful shows in the history of television.

The final season of the show will begin next January.


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This Week in Billboard Chart History: In 1993, Janet Jackson’s ‘Goes’ Went to No. 1

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson photgraphed by Mary Ellen Matthews in 2009.

Mary Ellen Matthews

Twenty-two years ago, the diva began an eight-week reign on the
Billboard Hot 100. Plus, remembering chart feats by Roxette, Rihanna and
Colbie Caillat.

Your weekly recap celebrating significant milestones from more than seven decades of Billboard chart history.

May 11, 1991

Sweden’s most famous musical duo, Roxette,
reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Joyride.” The album from
the pair (which is still together) also produced the No. 2-peaking
“Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)” and the top 40 hits
“Spending My Time” and “Church of Your Heart.”

May 12, 1990

Sinead O’Connor is best known for
her four-week Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which also
led Alternative Songs for a week. But, on this date 25 years ago, the
ballad’s follow-up became a No. 1, too, as “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
topped the latter list. Two other songs made big moves on Alternative
Songs that week: Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” vaulted 30-5 and Billy
Idol’s “Cradle of Love” leapt 19-10.

May 13, 2006

Rihanna reached the top of the
Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with “SOS.” Amazingly, she’s added
12 more No. 1s since then, tallying the second-most leaders, 13, among
women all-time. Only Mariah Carey (18) has more.

May 14, 1988

Twenty-seven years ago today, Gloria Estefan
made her first trip to No. 1, as love song “Anything for You” (with
Miami Sound Machine) reigned. She’d lead again with “Don’t Wanna Lose
You” in 1989 and “Coming Out of the Dark” in 1991.

May 15, 1993

After scoring seven Billboard Hot 100 top 10s from her 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet Jackson picked up right where she left off, as “That’s the Way Love Goes,” the first single from janet., began an eight-week run at No. 1.

May 16, 1964

A Motown classic, Mary Wells‘ “My
Guy,” rose 3-1 on the Billboard Hot 100. She rode a string of hit
singles composed by Smokey Robinson and followed “Guy,” her only No. 1,
with a pair of top 20 duets with Marvin Gaye.

May 17, 2008

Not a bad first impression: Colbie Caillat‘s debut smash “Bubbly” wraps a 19-week run at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart. The reign is the longest for a female artist’s first single in the chart’s 54-year history.

 | Billboard

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Baby Ed Sheeran Grows Up In “Photograph” Video: Watch


Ed Sheeran debuted his “” video on Saturday, May 11 — a fitting way to celebrate Mother’s Day the next day.

For this , director Emil Nava
compiled home video footage of Sheeran growing up. First, he’s a chubby
baby learning to walk. Then, he’s a toddler fooling around with the
piano. Suddenly, he’s a young musician busking as people walk by.

Watching Sheeran discover music as a kid, and to the x ballad’s patient build, had fans crying.

had announced “Photograph” to be his next single in late April, and
just as he added a fall leg to this year’s sold-out North American .
Once his trek did kick off on May 2, with Hanson as an opening act for select dates, sophomore album x went seven times Platinum.

one of the most acts in music right now, though with his new
“Photograph” video, he reminds fans of just how far he’s come. Watch up

| Idolator

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