Spotify Accidentally Leaked Janet Jackson’s Tour Date

A brief recap if you’re just tuning into the Janet Jackson comeback
gate: Last week the fan forum combusted in flames when a fake
screenshot from Atlantic Records revealed that Jackson would be
dropping an untitled album on July 7th. The real elusive chanteuse has
remained tight-lipped on rumors that she’ll be slaying our summer with a
follow up to 2008’s Discipline, but oops! We’re reporting exclusively
that Spotify has listed Janet Jackson’s upcoming tour date at the
Comerica Theatre on July 28th in Phoenix, Arizona.


When SWAGGER contacted Comerica Theatre they attempted to stay
tight-lipped about Jackson’s concert. “Janet was scheduled to perform
here on July 28th,” a representative told me before putting me on hold.
Is it cancelled, I asked? “For right now, I’d suggest you keep calling
back,” she indicated. So Janet did schedule something for July 28th? How
interesting it is that the show was scheduled but three weeks after an
alleged album was slated to drop? And why is it still showing up in the
Comerica system? #Sus

Other ticket sites like SeatGeek have populated the same July 28thth
listing. “It’s hard to track where the listing initiated within our
local markets,” a representative told me. When pressed on whether the
show could be a fluke, he added “It’s probably a legitimate show.” But
to be safe, SeatGeek has taken down the date until more information
leaks in.

So will Janet give the nation some new rhythm in July? Probably. But
more importantly, will goof-ups like the Spotify announcement ruin most
artists’ abilities to surprise us with new work?

In November, Amazon beat Beyonce to the punch by announcing a
pre-order to her four-disc compilation album. After that, video
streaming site VEVO teased the visuals to the Nicki Minaj-assisted remix
to “Flawless”, and ruined the surprise that everyone’s favorite Queen
Bey would team up with everyone’s favorite Queen Barbie. And famously,
Interscope (mistakenly?) released Kendrick Lamar’s album, To Pimp A
Butterfly before its release date, prompting a Cookie Lyons-like tweet
from the Top Dawg CEO that has since been deleted.

 | Styleite

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