Modern Home Design Reflecting the Owners’ Personalities: Golf House in Australia

architecture modern residence

Developed by Studio 15b for a retired couple, the Golf House
in Brisbane, Australia is a modern residence overlooking a beautiful
golf course. The project was planned on a single level, with no internal
stairs. This idea was driven from the clients’ request of having a
user-friendly home they could feel comfortable in for a long period of
time: “The final result is one of light filled luxury, with a relaxed
natural feel of stone, timber and glass that takes advantage of a
beautiful treed outlook. It has been purposed designed to take this
retired couple long into their life with plenty of space to entertain
along the way while making the most of the golf course lifestyle”,
explained the architects.

golf course is the protagonist around which the house layout was
creatively imagined: “Visitors are welcomed with a view from the entry
directly down the centre of the exterior swimming pool and the treed
outlook beyond. The entry space divides the home between the private
spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms from the public zones of open
planned living, dining and kitchen. The polished timber floor of the
entry also delineates the public and private spaces and continues,
following the view, externally to the pool decking.” We love how this
home design derived from the owner’s love for golf brings the whole
family together in a relaxed, healthy environment! [Photos by: Christopher Frederick Jones]

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