Report: Bruce Jenner To Be Sued By Deceased Woman’s Step Children For Wrongful Death


Bruce Jenner is anything but in the clear after the fatal car crash that
killed Kim Howe earlier this year. The deceased woman’s stepchildren
are gearing up to sue the reality star in a wrongful death lawsuit,
reports TMZ. Interestingly enough, the outlet is also reporting that Howe’s stepchildren had almost no relationship with her.

Feb. 7, the Olympian slammed into Howe when she was driving her Lexus
on PCH, which caused her car to veer into the lane of oncoming traffic
where she was hit and killed by a Hummer.

Howe herself had no
children and no immediate relatives. However, her husband, who died in
2003, had two children from a previous relationship. Despite claims that
the step children and Howe had no relationship, stepchildren do have
legal standing to sue for wrongful death even if they are estranged from
a stepparent, according to California law.

Howe’s stepchildren
will not inherit her property. The trust she set up leaves millions to
charity and in her will it states that $55k will go to various animal
charities, including, PETA, Lange Foundation, PAWS (Performing Animal
Welfare Society), Doris Day Animal League and The Elephant Sanctuary of
Tennessee.  – X17 Online

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