Cele|bitchy | David Duchovny on The X-Files: ‘It wasn’t really a cult show, it was a big hit’

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We’ve heard that The X-Files is coming back
with the original stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and that
it will begin filming a six episode season this summer. Creator Chris
Carter is on board as showrunner, and there’s hope that the rebooted
X-Files can bring back some of the supernatural yet sciencey magic that
won legions of fans.
The NY Times has interview with star David Duchovny, now 54
and still looking incredible, about the history of the show and what he
sees coming for its future. He’s somewhat candid, admitting that he was
never into the paranormal and at one point claiming that Fox Mulder was
the “worst F.B.I. agent of all time” because he never solved a case. Here are some quotes from Duchovny, with more at the source:

On X-Files being called a cult show

They call it a cult show but it wasn’t really a cult show. It was
actually a big hit. People call it a cult show because of the subject

On working on the show again

The good things are working with Chris and Gillian again, and getting to
do this show again and see what we’ve got. I’m as curious as anybody
else. I’m amazed that there’s still an appetite for it and I’m touched. I
think the frame of the show is so expansive and so unique and so
influential, that it should feel present.

On why he thinks the show “continues to resonate”

You look around at these cultural juggernauts, the ones that came after
us… Like “The Twilight Zone,” it ushered in a paranormal theme, and a
scary theme and a horror-movie feel that was lacking, for whatever
reason, not only on television but in movies as well. Now movies and
television are dominated by this genre.

On if he knew the show was groundbreaking when he first took the job

No. I was just trying to pay the rent. I’m really bad with that stuff –
I’ve never been interested in paranormal stuff. I liked horror movies
when I was a kid, but only when I was a kid. When “The X-Files” came
around, it was a well-written pilot and kind of a cool character, this
irreverent F.B.I. agent. But who’s gonna wanna watch a show about
aliens? Honestly, I was the wrong guy to ask that question. I had no

Was asked if he’s played a law enforcement character post-Mulder

I [don’t] think so. The interesting thing about Mulder is nominally he
is law enforcement but he never solved one case in nine years. So he’s
the worst F.B.I. agent of all time. As F.B.I. agents, I would say we
were not by the book. Especially Mulder.

[From The NY Times via Pajiba]

I really enjoyed this interview, especially how skeptical Duchovny is
of the paranormal. (Yet he was the believer and Scully was the skeptic
on the show.) Duchovny is even realistic about his character being
ineffective at his job. I can relate in that I don’t believe in much
that can’t be proven and yet I loved this show. There was something so
unique about Mulder and Scully’s relationship. Together they made the
creepiest, most unbelievable scenarios seem real and ominous.

As for the future of the show, I hope they bring in current
technology as they often did and make it central to the plot. I recently
rewatched some of their tech-centric episodes
and while they were dated they still sucked me in. Maybe that’s because
I lived through that period in technology and it doesn’t seem like that
long ago. Neither does the end of the X-Files.

Gillian Anderson filmography
Gillian Anderson filmography

photo credit: WENN.com


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