Justin Bieber’s Next-Door-Neighbor Emmy Rossum Admits He’s Just As Obnoxious As You’d Imagine

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Seen above doing her best impression of Canada’s King Joffrey trying to rap like the big boys he sees on TV, Emmy Rossum made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning on Wednesday and she admitted something that made me instantly feel so so bad for her: that her next-door neighbor is Justin Bieber.
It all happened when Emmy was asked to describe the one thing she’d do
over in her life if she could, and it sounds like she’s about to say “I would live anywhere but next to that brat Justin Bieber“, but instead she told the story of the day she met her new neighbor. Warning: noxious levels of douchery ahead.

What do you think?

Once Emmy discovered that Justin had moved in next-door, she decided
to do the good neighbor thing by going over to his house to introduce
herself and say hello. Unfortunately, she didn’t get very far because
she was stopped by his army of bodyguards, because Justin Bieber is far
too important to say hello to the chick from Shameless. Also,
he was too busy trying to act tough: according to Emmy, Justin rolled up
in his Bentley and and started rapping along to the baddest song on his
Kidz Bop CD:

What do you think?
Your Reaction?

Emmy also says she doubts she’ll be invited to any of Justin Bieber’s
clubhouse ragers because she’s 28-years-old and that’s probably too
old. I don’t know about that – he’ll definitely want an adult on hand to
help him use the oven if he decides his party needs some Totino’s pizza

What do you think?

Here’s the Mrs. Wilson to Justin Bieber’s Dennis the Menace arriving at LAX yesterday:

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