Australian Actor Jai Courtney Would Like You To Know About His Hairy “Back, Sack And Crack”


Insurgent actor Jai Courtney is encouraging fans to check out
his amazing crotch in two upcoming films he’ll appear in, giving
intimate details about the seemingly impressive region in two separate
interviews this week.

Speaking with the Today show
Monday, the 29-year-old Aussie hunk revealed his package to be so large
that it was literally impossible to keep in his pants. He gave Insurgent costume designers quite the workout, as his allegedly gigantic dick kept “shredding” his inseam every time he moved:

“We didn’t think it was possible to rip that many pairs of pants. The
costumes are great on a person standing still but I do a little bit of
running through the jungle in this particular installment so I just
shredded [them]. There were a team of people feverishly stitching my

Courtney’s manhood came up once more in an interview with the
Huffington Post later that day, where he became the one thousandth actor
to explain a “cock sock” to a reporter who pretended not to know.

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The cock sock came into play whilst talking about his nude scenes in Terminator: Genisys, which is slated for a July release:

“I’m an exhibitionist from way back, so it really didn’t affect me
too negatively. It can be pretty weird, you know, getting nude. It’s a
funny thing because you have to be respectful to your environment. So
even if you’re comfortable with it, you have to understand that some
people aren’t, and there’s always things in place to preserve modesty,
if you will, as far as you can with that sort of stuff.”

Courtney added that the “modesty pouch” he wore over his dick required glue, something that did not inspire him to manscape.

“That’s far too much maintenance for one man to be concerned about,”
he said. “I’m hairy, too, so yeah, occasional grooming comes into place.
But no, you wouldn’t see me getting a back, sack and crack wax. That’s
too painful, surely.”

Fantastic. You had us up until “back, sack and crack wax,” sir. Good day.

Check out both interviews below:

And here’s a closer look at that impressive bulge:


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