Bruce Jenner Woman — Reveals Female Persona To Sons Brandon & Brody Blessing


Jenner Living As A Woman In New Malibu Mansion With Sons Brandon & Brody

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As Bruce Jenner prepares for his sex change surgery this
summer, has learned he recently took another big step in
his transition: The former Olympian has begun dressing as a woman in front of his sons Brandon and Brody behind the doors of his Malibu mansion.

Bruce recently moved into a new, isolated home far from the busy
Pacific Coast Highway, and it was a conscious decision, said the source.

“It was done to give him as much privacy as possible,” the source
said. “This is a very sensitive time for Bruce as he begins to live life
as a woman.”

“Bruce is now wearing women’s clothes almost full time at the house,”
the source revealed. “And his sons Brody and Brandon have stopped by to
visit. Yes, Brody and Brandon have been with Bruce as he has worn
women’s clothes.”

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“It isn’t weird for either Brody or Brandon, and both accept the
situation,” said the source. “Fully supporting Bruce, Brody and Brandon
have been there for him.”

Ahead of his sex change operation this summer,
Bruce has increased visits to his therapist, as he continues to deal
with the aftermath of the fatal car crash he was involved with last

“The therapy was required by the doctor that will be performing Bruce’s sex change operation,” the source revealed. “And it has helped Bruce tremendously.”

With Bruce now facing involuntary vehicular manslaughter charges, the
source said, “Bruce is giving all of his time and energy right now to
helping out with the investigation and making sure that there is peace
for those close to the deceased.”

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But little by little, he is stepping in to his new identity as a woman.

Among the new staples in Bruce’s closet are tunics, silk shirts
and “loose fitting pants,” the source revealed. “The fashion choices
Bruce is making behind closed doors are very tasteful and classic.
Preferring solids to stripes and prints, Bruce has a very good eye for
what looks good on him.”

 | Radar Online

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