Miley Cyrus Mocks Kim Kardashian Dye Job: LOL!!!

Miley Cyrus has one word for in response to Kim Kardashian as a blonde:OMG.
And, no, the singer does not mean that as a compliment.
A few days after Kardashian dyed her brown locks blonde (and then dyed them practically white), Cyrus has taken to Instagram to make her thoughts on this drastic change well known to millions of followers.
And this photo pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Miley Mocks Kim

The image was actually first posted by Justin Anderson, Miley’s
personal hair guru and a colorist at the Chris McMillan Salon, along
with the Creative Director of dpHUE.
He shared it online and wrote as a caption:
“No one said being blonde for Fashion Week gon’ be easy, sweetie. Just wait for the toner. S—t burns, trust me.”
Miley then posted the snapshot herself, writing “OMG” as her caption.
The artist, of course, is very familiar with extreme makeovers. It
wasn’t all that long ago that Cyrus sported long, dark tresses herself.

She’s since cut many inches off the top of her head and Miley bleached her hair platinum blonde in January.
Kardashian, meanwhile, is undaunted by any criticism over her look. She
has shared over 20 photos of herself on Instagram in the three days
since changing up her appearance, writing recently along with one of
“It’s hard out here for a platinum pimp.”

– The Hollywood Gossip

via Blogger


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