Ballesteros transforms into Dakota Johnson, Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian


MANILA, Philippines—A firestorm of likes erupted once again on
Instagram after TV host and comedian Paolo Ballesteros morphed into
three beautiful Hollywood A-listers.

Ballesteros posted an amazing addition to his make-up transformation
series as he turned into actress Cate Blanchett, who played Lady
Tremaine in the upcoming live-action film Cinderella.

Ballesteros became a wicked step mother with those deep red lips,
heavy upper lashes, smoky eyes and a pair of dangling pearl earrings.

The photo was liked more than 19,000 times, thanks to his curled 1940’s hair job.

Cate blanchett

Ballesteros uploaded another shade of look two days ago, this time it was that of actress Dakota Johnson’s.

“Fifty Shades of color blindness… ANASTASIA BATUNGBAKAL.
#fiftyshadesofgrey#anastasiasteel #dakotajhonson #bortadakota,” the
caption said.

Netizens were stunned with Ballesteros’ transformation into Anastasia
Steele of the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which garnered 54,000
likes on Instagram.

One Instagram user “blessedkatiee” commented, “Lol omg I would have never guessed its a guy! Looks so much like a woman.”

Dakota Johnson

Ballesteros looked even brighter with a platinum hair, courtesy of Kim Kardashian.

The white-blonde hue of his mane was accentuated by Kardashian’s
contoured cheeks, gorgeous inky eyes and steep nose line. His full lips
also matched the color of his tress.

The photo, which was released on Sunday, has already scored more than 40,000 likes.

“New look ang sister ni allanK… KIM K. #makeuptransformation
#transformlangnangtransform #kimKardashian #kimQuilantang,” Ballesteros
said in the caption.

Ballesteros seemed to be getting a lot of more international attention as evidenced by the comments on his photos.

Instagram user “le_mae” commented, “lol I’ve seen this! He’s a Filipino actor in the Philippines lol.”

Last February, Ballesteros amazed everyone as he turned himself into
Miss Universe 2014 fourth runner-up Kaci Fennell. The Jamaican beauty
queen replied to him in surprise: “We have some competition lol
@angeliespeno awesome job!!”

Kim Kardashian

*Photos from Paolo Ballestero’s Instagram account


Paolo Ballesteros charms Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell

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| Inquirer Entertainment

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