44 Creative Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Don’t Know Exist


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by Siobhan Harmer 868 Shares

Whether you’re an infrequent kitchen dweller or an experienced chef
there are loads of kitchen gadgets you can use to get tasty, healthy
meals quickly and simply!

1. Sushezi



Japanese food may be healthy, delicious and filled with vitamins but
it can be tricky to make. That’s why any sushi enthusiast needs the
Sushezi tool that makes sushi incredibly easy to make!

2. Chef’n Bananza 



If you want your slices of banana to be equal every time, then you need to get Chef’n Bananza!

3. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

As someone who was impressed by any film that contained a contraption
that could make breakfast at the tug of a string or push of button, I
find that the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a miracle!

4. RSVP Herb Scissors



If you love preparing dishes with fresh herbs the RSVP Herb Scissors are a must have!

5. Amco Rub Away Bar



Many of the best ingredients often tend to be a bit… smelly. Instead
of scrubbing your skin off trying to get rid of the smell, use Amco’s
Rub Away Bar.

6. Food Huggers Silicone Storage Cover


Sick of left over fruits and vegetables getting chucked out because
they won’t stay fresh? Then get these amazing Food Huggers and you’ll
have fresh food for much longer.

7. Chef’n Stem Gem Strawberry Huller


Perfect for summer days and quick desserts, the Chef’n Stem Gem is a great tool to keep around.

8. Bella Cucina Donut Maker

If you love donuts then you’ll love Bella Cucina Donut Maker!

9. Cuisipro Apple Corer


Get rid of apple cores quickly and easily!

10. Copco Chip Cap


The days of having to either eat an entire bag of chips or waste half of the bag are over.

11. Portion Control Dressing Cap


Never soak your plate with salad dressing again!

12. Cracker Containers


Keep those crackers fresher for longer.

13. Flour Keeper

You could also use this marvellous contraption to store sugar.

14. Compact Food Prep Set

Perfect for anyone living in a small home!

15. Microplane Herb Mill


With the same basic function as a pepper grinder, the Herb Mill will supply you with fresh, ground herbs whenever you need them.

16. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray


So simple!

17. Fridgepad For iPad


Whether I’m playing music or reading a recipe, I’m using my iPad in
the kitchen all the time! If you do too, then this is a perfect kitchen

18. In-Drawer Knife Organizer

Organisation meets safety: perfect for anyone clumsy!

19. Citrus Sprayer


Great on deserts or seafood, this Citrus Sprayer will save you a lot of hassle when you want lemon juice.

20. Flameless Marshmallow Roaster

Sleepover with s’mores anyone?

21. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

Softens AND injects marinade, gimme!

22. William-Sonoma Professional Multi-Chopper


The easiest way to chop veggies!

23. Tabletop Oil Mister


Control the amount of oil you put in your cooking and on your ingredients.

24. Onion Holder


Not only do you avoid having to touch the onion, you already get a good guide of where to cut.

25. Party Bowls On Ice

Keep your dips fresh and cold throughout the party.

26. Julienne Peeler Blade


Prefer thin, julienne style slices? This is the tool for you!

27. Easy Pineapple Slicer


Easiest way to get the good bits out of a pineapple!

28. Clip-On Pouring Spout


No more mess or rogue, run-away vegetables.

29. Rinse Bowl And Strainer


Perfect for rinsing fruit!

30. 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

Use it as a whisk and then to scrape out any leftovers!

31. Zipzicles


Make DIY ice pops with any ingredients you want! Fill Zipzicles with
fruit, juice, yogurt: anything you want and you’ve got yourself a tasty,
healthy snack.

32. Over-The-Sink Strainer Board


Wash and slice all in one place!

33. Corn Zipper

Get those kennels quickly and easily!

34. Cake Batter Dispenser

Cake lovers! This is the tool for you!

35. Dip Clip


The Dip Clip is the organised and efficient persons dipping companion!

36. Double Dish

For food with throw-away bits, these bowls are inspired!

37. Flexible Measuring Cups

Pinch and pour and clean with ease!

38. Fold Flat Grater

Finally, a grater that doesn’t take up an inexplicable amount of space!

39. Vegetable Grill Clips


Stop your vegetables from becoming part of the grill with these Grill Clips.

40. OBOL Never Soggy Cereal Bowl


If soggy cereal is the bane of your life you need the OBOL cereal bowl.

41. Kitchen Safe


When you get a craving for sugar, the Kitchen Safe will make it
harder for you to get your hit. It’ll also keep out any unwanted fingers
or kids looking for snacks.

42. Trudeau Pot Clip


Stop your spoon from being lost in the pots and pans by attaching the Trudeau Pot Clip!

43. The Pasta Pot

The Pasta Pot might be the best thing ever created for people who love to make pasta or noodles!

44. Spaghetti Measure

Never make too much pasta ever again!

Featured photo credit: Healthy Pasta in a Pan | Foodie’s Feed via picjumbo.com

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