Julie Andrews opens up on death of husband


Julie Andrews‘ husband Blake Edwards passed away in 2010, and The Sound of Music actress has admitted it never gets easier to come to terms with the loss. “I’m still dealing with it,” the 79-year-old actress revealed.

are days when it’s perfectly wonderful and I am myself and then it’s
suddenly – sock you in the middle of your gut and you think, ‘Ah God I
wish he were here’.”



Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards in 2010

She added: “But he is in a way, I think one carries that love always.”

Blake, a film director, passed in 2010 after complications due to pneumonia, and Julie spoke of their 41-year marriage.

sadly passed away about three years ago, but we were married 41 years
and it was a love story, it was,” she said. “We met about 10 years
before, literally ships that passed in the night at some event.

was going one way and he was going the other. Blake rolled down the
window [of his car] after smiling a couple of times and he said: ‘Are
you going where I just came from?’ I was going to a therapist he was
coming from. Very corny – sorry about that!”


Julie Andrews spoke to Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway

She added: “Success in our marriage was to take it one day at a time and so, lo and behold, 41 years later there we still were.

Julie won an Oscar in 1964 for Mary Poppins and found herself nominated again the following year for her role as Maria in The Sound of Music. The classic film won five Oscars and is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015.

At the 2015 Oscars, Lady Gaga
performed a tribute to the film, singing four songs from the
award-winning soundtrack, before Julie moved the singer to tears: “Dear Lady Gaga, thank you for that wonderful tribute. Oh my God. It really warmed my heart, it really did.”

added: “It’s hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since that
glorious film was released. I blinked and suddenly here I am. I think
that I do speak for everyone connected with the movie when I say we all
really felt blessed to have been a part of it and as for me, well, how
lucky can a girl get?”

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