Miley Cyrus: Planning to Dump Patrick Schwarzenegger Because He Won’t Propose?


Back in November, we learned that Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger are dating, thus earning them the Most Random Celebrity Couple Award for 2014.

Given Miley’s flighty (Read: constantly stoned) ways and the rumored disapproval of Patrick’s mother,
we didn’t expect the relationship to last into 2015, and yet here we
are in March, and Schwarzemiley is still going strong. Or is it?

“Miley expected a proposal on Valentine’s Day,” a source tells the National Enquirer. “Now she’s extremely disappointed.”

It may seem surprising that a free spirit like Miley would be so eager to settle down, but don’t forget that Miley was engaged once before.

In fact, her first fiance, Liam Hemsworth, may now be throwing a monkey wrench into her current relationship.

“Patrick got scared off after Liam told him to have fun with Miley, but
definitely avoid a commitment,” says the insider. “Since he and Patrick
are casual friends, Liam thought he owed it to Patrick to give him a
heads up.”

Apparently, Liam’s warning brought Patrick to come uncomfortable realizations:

“Patrick saw that Miley’s a blast to be around, but she’s not long-term girlfriend material,” says the source.

Patrick’s refusal to commit has reportedly driven a wedge between the
two lovebirds, and they recently canceled a planned trip to the

When Miley doesn’t want to be topless on a beach with you, you know there’s trouble. What’s next, she won’t share her bong?

 – The Hollywood Gossip

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