Kelly Clarkson: Totally Cool If My Daughter is Gay!


The week her new album hits stores and computers around the
country, Kelly Clarkson has gone on record with comments some might find

Speaking to Pride Source about her impact on the LGBT community, the
original American Idol said she doesn’t even comprehend why there’s any
kind of debate or divide around the country.

Kelly Clarkson on The Tonight Show

“I think it’s silly that we’re still talking about gay rights,”
Clarkson told the publication. “I just live in this world where people
are accepted, so it’s very hard for me to even realize that that still

“It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around it.”

Clarkson is mother to an adorable eight-month old named River Rose and was asked for her reaction if her child eventually came out as gay.

“Oh, I don’t care,” she replied. “I mean, here’s what I hope for her: I
just hope she finds love. It took me a while, man. And there was a lot
of heartache throughout those years.

“You know, as long as she’s happy, I don’t care either way, and neither
does my husband. And we have two other kids as well, and we don’t care
either way for all of them.”

Kelly serves as a stepmother to her husband Brandon Blackstock’s two kids, Seth and Savannah, from his previous marriage.

Kelly Clarkson in NYC

Someone dared to recently call Clarkson fat, but allow us to amend that and say: Kelly Clarkson is phat!

Here is a look at the artist going through the history of duets on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

 The Hollywood Gossip

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