We built the ‘Walking Dead’ emoji you always wanted


It may be low on Apple’s priority list, but we’re always on the lookout for new emoji to celebrate our pop-culture obsessions. And because the tech giant has been slow to build even some way overdue emoji, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create the characters we want most.

After taking on Doctor Who last fall, we turned out sites on one of the most popular shows on television right now: The Walking Dead.



The characters on The Walking Dead
won’t be able to use their own emoji with that whole zombie apocalypse
thing—they’ve been forced to abandon smartphones for walkie talkies—but
we can. With just a single picture or expression you can portray
numerous messages and emotions, all without spoiling anyone on an

The Walking Dead emoji are cool to look at, but if you want to actually use them we suggest downloading Imoji
for iOS (we’re still looking for an Android equivalent, so if you know
of one, send it my way). You can search for the emoji by character, but
I’ve labeled them all as “twdemoji” so you can find them all in one
place. Once you’ve found which emoji you want to send, select it and
physically drag it to you desired mode of communication (e.g. text, Facebook, Twitter) to send it to anyone. Your friends don’t need an iPhone to receive the emoji.

Michelle Jaworski

So when should you turn to your Walking Dead emoji arsenal? We’ve offered some possible situations when each character would be appropriate, but as with our Whomoji, your mileage may vary.

Rick Grimes

Jason Reed

I enjoy making fun of The Walking Dead almost as much as I do watching it, which is probably why I love the “Stuff and Things” meme so much.

Rick Grimes emoji looks like the living embodiment of that meme, and it
wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it started shouting “Stuff Coral,
things!” It’s as perfect for trolling as it is for shock factor when
your next favorite character dies.

Carl Grimes

Jason Reed

The days of using Carl Grimes as the perennial punching
bag are long behind us since he’s become a more tolerable character, but
it still doesn’t hurt to rag on him every once in a while or to invoke
him when ragging on someone else.

Daryl Dixon

Jason Reed

If a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen in real life,
we can only hope that we’re as good a shot as Daryl Dixon. He manages to
be badass no matter what he’s holding, whether it be a baby or a
crossbow, and on the days you feel invincible it’s a perfect fit.

Carol Pelletier

Jason Reed

It’s because of Carol’s quick thinking that the group is
still alive after being held captive by Gareth and his fellow cannibal
Hunters in Terminus. And if you think about it, she’s one of the main
forces holding everybody together for a good couple seasons now (you
know, except for the whole “killing Karen and David for the greater
good” thing). She’s got this situation, and so do you.

Glenn Rhee

Jason Reed

When we first met Glenn Rhee, some thought he’d die
pretty early, but he’s managed to come into his own and earn the group’s
respect. He’s vital to the group’s survival, even if they’re not
exactly the best at showing their appreciation. Give someone the
recognition he deserves (but may not always get) with Glenn.

Maggie Greene

Jason Reed

She lost both her father and her sister in a short period
of time, so we wouldn’t really be able to blame Maggie Greene if she
flipped a table over and said, “Screw this shit.” But she presses on
anyway and is one of the more reliable members of the group, even when
the men are rendered emotionally incapable of functioning. She’s good
way to signal “Yeah, I still have this” when things seem bleak.


Jason Reed

Michonne’s been a fan favorite ever since she and her
Walker bodyguards entered our lives, and it’s not just because of her
skill with a katana. She’s warmer and friendlier towards her new family,
but you still don’t want to fuck with her. Both of you mean business.

The Governor

Jason Reed

There have been plenty of villains on the show, proving
that the Walkers are the least of the group’s worries, but with an
eyepatch and a memorable performance from David Morrissey, he’s pretty
much the face of pure evil.


Jason Reed

We’re sure going to miss this guy. At first glance
Tyreese may seem intimidating, but he’s really just a big softie. Does
somebody need comforting? Just send them this and hopefully they’ll
imagine him giving them a hug.


Jason Reed

The great thing about an actual zombie emoji is that the
possibilities are endless. It’s perfect for signifying how you feel
after a Netflix
binge, too little sleep, a power-writing session, partying a little too
hard the night before, or, of course, an actual zombie apocalypse.

Photo via Robert Scoble/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

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