Lindsay Lohan ordered to make up 125 hours of community service



Lindsay Lohan was out and about in London again last night, making
her second public appearance of the week. She crashed the ELLE Style
Awards earlier this week, looking pretty cracked-out. I kind of doubt
she was even invited. Last night, Lindsay attended the private Madonna
performance at Annabel’s, which was a pretty star-studded crowd.
Annabel’s is a private club, so I wonder how the Cracken even got in.

I was actually waiting until we got some new, cracked-out photos of
Lindsay because she had a bad week in more ways than one. When we last
checked in on her ongoing crack shenanigans, the LA City Attorney was
investigating Lindsay’s claims that she had completed two weeks of
community service in three days, all while deathly ill. As it turns
out, Lindsay totally fudged her numbers. Community service, in Lindsay’s mind, constitutes “signing autographs for fans” and “acting in a play” and “getting hammered at nightclubs.”
Well, Lindsay’s lawyer and the City Attorney finally met with the
judge this week, and the judge agreed with the City Attorney:

Lindsay Lohan and her community service organization just
got slammed by a judge Wednesday morning … a judge who threw out more
than half of her hours. The judge in Lindsay’s probation case ordered
LiLo to do another 125 hours … this after the prosecutor called BS on
the service she performed.

Most of the hearing was conducted privately in the judge’s chambers,
but hizzoner did call the work Lindsay did “unacceptable.” TMZ broke
the story … prosecutor Terry White was indignant over the work Lindsay
did for CSV in London, saying in one case she got credit for six hours
of community service work … even though four hours of those hours were
for acting on stage and the remaining two were for meeting fans.

Lindsay’s never-ending probation stems from her 2012 reckless driving case when she slammed into an 18-wheeler.

[From TMZ]

Lindsay will have three months to complete the additional (or
original, depending on how you see it) 125 hours. What’s interesting is
that no one has a problem with Lindsay living in London and doing her
community service in England. I guess no one wants to rock the boat,
and LA County is happy that the Cracken isn’t loose on their streets.
Anyway, I fully expect Lindsay to continue to be a cracked-out mess in
London for the next two and a half months, and then she’ll suddenly
remember she has to complete all of these hours and she’ll lie about it…
again. Going to a Madonna performance is totally community service,
you guys.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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