Common Didn’t High-Five Oprah at the Oscars


Common dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday with his shiny new Oscar to talk about his big night at the Academy Awards last weekend. The rapper, along with singer John Legend, won the best original song award for “Glory,” which was featured in the movie Selma; the duo also took the stage to perform the hit, resulting in one of the most moving moments of the night. During his chat with Jimmy, Common revealed the inspiring message Jay Z gave him at the Vanity Fair afterparty and touched on a hilarious encounter he had with Oprah after his and John Legend‘s
“real names” were announced — in a moment that was caught on camera, it
seemed as though Oprah held up her hand to high-five Common and the
rapper rejected her, moving on to hug Selma‘s David Oyelowo
instead. Common insisted that it was an accident and that he spoke to
Oprah the following day, saying, “I wasn’t trying to play her out like
that.” Watch the interview above now, and check out the funny high-five
moment below.

 | POPSUGAR Celebrity

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