Kevin McHale ‘Satisfied’ With ‘Glee’ Finale, Promises Finn Tribute


No more slushies to the face!‘Glee’s’ Kevin McHale Says…

The hit musical series “Glee” is coming to an end, and star Kevin
McHale (who plays Artie Abrams) is “happy” with the conclusion.‘Glee’s’ Kevin McHale Says…

“I’m satisfied. I was reading it and the last two episodes are airing
back-to-back, so it’s kinda this double whammy all at the end,” the
actor revealed to Access Hollywood Live‘s Billy Bush and Kit
Hoover on Thursday. “I think [viewers will] be happy. I was happy. They
tie up a lot of great storylines and you get to see these people in a
new light and follow their journey. These characters have gone through a
lot and I think there’s a good payoff at the end.”

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nder Storyline On ‘Glee’

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy had to re-work the series ending he had in
mind after the death of actor Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) at the age of
31 in July 2013 from a fatal mix of heroin and alcohol. Finn was originally going to be a teacher in Ohio, where the show is set.

Kevin confirmed that the beloved character will indeed be incorporated into the series’ big finale.

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“I think [Finn] is always remembered and especially at a time like
this at the very end, there will definitely be some sort of mention of
him,” Kevin acknowledged. “He’ll be involved in some way.”

The loss of Finn and many other tear-jerking moments have tugged at
the heartstrings of fans and the cast alike, and filming the finale will
be no different, Kevin envisions.

“We’re all gonna be a mess,” Kevin admitted to Billy and Kit. “I
would think maybe Lea [Michele will cry the most]… She can just turn it
on. But, even in scenes when I look at her and she starts tearing up, it
gets me. There’s something about when she cries. It hits you.”

He also said he plans to take a special souvenir from the set –
Artie’s wheelchair – and revealed how he’s conspired with co-star Jenna
Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) to sneak it off the lot.

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“I’m going to [steal the wheelchair],” he told Billy and Kit. “I’m
absolutely going to. I already asked Jenna if I could fit it into her
car. She has a bigger car than I do.”

Filming hasn’t wrapped quite yet and Kevin shared details of a big scene he’s “anxious” about today.

“I was texting with Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) last night and I was
like, ‘I’m very anxious.’ Today’s a big day. We’re filming a very big
number today, actually,” he said. “I go straight from here to ‘Glee’ and
it’s our last group number ever, so I was like, ‘I’m very anxious.’
It’s weird because…it’s my second to last day filming forever on

Kevin already has post-“Glee” plans lined up. He’s heading across the
pond to take part in a comedy show in London and is starring in
“Boychoir” – coming out this summer – with Josh Lucas and Dustin

 | Access Hollywood

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