Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday Present to Rihanna Means They Have to be Dating


Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna finally admitted they’re dating, or are
they still playing coy with the press? Because apparently Leo helped throw Rihanna’s birthday party, and according to sources, it was a star-studded event to remember.

The two have been dodging rumors they’re dating for months, despite
showing up everywhere together. There’s even a rumor floating around
that RiRi is dating Leo’s good friend Richie Akiva, and that’s why they’ve been seen in each other’s company so often.

However, an insider reported to Us Weekly that DiCaprio
helped pull off a fantastic 27th birthday party for the
“FourFiveSeconds” singer in Los Angeles on Friday, February 20. The
event reportedly took place in a private home in Beverly Hills, and
lasted past 4 a.m.

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The insider reported that RiRi wore a plunging dress and kept her
hair slicked back. Describing the decor, they said, “There were balloons
that spelled out her name set up.”

I’m just saying — if Leo really did help put this shindig together — that’s a bit much to do for your buddy’s girlfriend.

The source also said there was a three-tier leopard print cake, and
“Naomi Campbell was right next to her when she blew out the candles.”
Other celebs in attendance included Mick Jagger, Beyonce, Jay Z, Russell
Simmons, model Angela Martini, Tommy Chiabra, and Richie Akiva.

Martini even posted this vid to Instagram on Saturday of Rihanna blowing out her candles.

Of course Akiva was there too, but that doesn’t mean he was there with her. In fact, the Us Weekly source confessed that Rihanna and Leo “were dancing close all night.”

Sounds like they’re coupling up for sure! And you know, I’m actually
all for this relationship. He may have a reputation as a womanizer, but
if anyone can handle him, it’s Rihanna. After all, she dealt with enough
crap from Chris Brown and finally managed to rid herself of that
tragedy — I bet she doesn’t put up with any shenanigans anymore.

And he has just enough of a wild side to keep her interested …
without, you know, beating the crap out of her. It seems practically

 | The Stir

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