Kanye West: Beyonce Records With Kim Kardashian’s Picture On Her Wall


Kanye West Beyonce Kim Kardashian

Not only does Beyonce love and respect Kim Kardashian, she records with the reality star’s picture on the wall for inspiration, according to Kanye West.

“When Beyoncé was working on her album, she had pictures of Kim on
the wall because Kim represents powerful women,” the “Heard ‘Em Say”
singer told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

Asked about the purported tension between the two uber-famous divas, the rapper played it up more as a friendly rivalry than fierce feud.

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“They definitely respect each other,” West said of his wife and the stunning “Crazy In Love” singer, “but maybe there’s a LeBron James, Kobe [Bryant] element to it,” comparing the beauties to the basketball icons.

The 37-year-old said that in spite of the competitive juices that boil between them, “They love each other [and] they respect each other.”

He said that Kim often plays Bey’s hit “7/11″ “for our daughter” North.

West, who has twice made headlines at award shows in Beyonce’s honor,
said of the Destiny’s Child alum: “I think Beyonce is a great
representation of an artist working hard, and trying her best and
getting the results from it.”

| Radar Online

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