Snapware® | 10 Tips to Organize Your Life

Come January 1st, we’re all ready for inspiration and tricks to help
control and direct the flow of the daily routine. What kind of chaos
tends to trip you up? The A.M. rush? Messes, messes everywhere? Mealtime

Check out our 10 tips on how to organize your home from top to bottom
and streamline your day from the first stretch to the last yawn.


There are certain areas in every home that lend themselves to clutter
and chaos. We’ve got easy ways to help get them organized and keep them
that way!

  1. BANISH THE LITTLE LOO BLUES. Whether your bathroom is cozy
    or roomy, having the proverbial place for everything will not only
    simplify cleanup, but it will also help you get ready for work or a big
    night out in a hurry. Keep small essentials like cotton balls and swabs
    out of the way by storing them in a SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 6″ SQUARE or a SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 9″ RECTANGLE container. Or use them to corral your makeup items and keep them off the counter.
  2. CURL UP AND HIDE. Use the inside of a cabinet door to store
    your hairstyling helpers. Attach clear containers or small baskets with
    Velcro tape, or copy this genius idea from DIY Home Sweet Home:
    Attach lengths of PVC pipe to the inside of a cupboard door. Slip your
    curling iron or flat iron into one, and then loop up the cord and tuck
    the bundle inside another.
  3. CONQUER THE KITCHEN. Organizing the kitchen can be an
    overwhelming task to tackle, but keeping your fridge, pantry and
    cupboards neat and tidy is an effective and easy way to set a standard
    for simplicity. We share tips for breaking down the job day by day in
    One Week to the Most Organized Kitchen Ever! Is your disheveled pantry the main problem? Get it under control in a snap with our Pantry Makeover: How to Organize in 30 Minutes.
    to store heirlooms, keepsakes and other valuables safely and securely.
    Clear and roomy, they’ll hold anything from grandpa’s old magazines to
    itty-bitty outgrown baby shoes.
  5. HIDE THE HEAP. Speaking of shoes, they can pile up fast,
    especially if you have several people (or one seriously stylish person)
    living in your house. To strike a balance between stowing away and
    showing off, invest in a shoe rack for the coat or bedroom closet, or
    whip together a DIY display case by repurposing an old bookcase. If
    “practical placement” is the name of your game, a couple of low shelves
    in your mudroom or entryway will do the trick nicely.


Whether you frantically muddle through your morning or dash through
dinner on the way to your daughter’s dance practice, there are lots of
ways to reduce daily hiccups and stresses, including these plan-ahead

  1. SAIL THROUGH THE START. How you spend your morning sets the tone for the whole day (and for your kids’ day!). So aim for a smoother cruise with easy tips for simplifying your morning routine.
  2. MAKE QUICK, NOT FAST, FOOD. Between study group, sports and
    book club, dinner has become a lost art. It can be tough to make real
    meals while dashing between destinations, so don’t just plan ahead, make
    ahead! Here are some ideas for meals you can make ahead of time.
  3. SHOP FOR SUCCESS. When you’re shopping, keep a few things in
    mind. Do you need it? Do you have a place to put it? Will it save time?
    If none of these things apply, think hard before you buy. Avoid adding
    clutter to your house (and save money) by limiting the number of trips
    you make to the store. The more trips you make, the more fun little
    things you’ll be tempted to buy. Plan meals ahead of time and make
    shopping lists specific to what you plan on making. Reducing shopping
    trips will cut spending, save time and keep clutter to a minimum.
  4. LUNCH IN. Packing a lunch isn’t just for the kids. Bringing
    food from home instead of eating out every day can save time, money and
    your waistline. Try SNAPWARE® 0.5 CUP AIRTIGHT NESTING BOWL FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS for dips and dressings and SNAPWARE® 1.3 CUP SQUARE AIRTIGHT FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER for fruits and veggies. Or neatly keep your sandwich and chips separate but together in a SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® FOOD STORAGE SANDWICH BOX.
  5. CASH OUT. Or rather, spend cash until you’re out. Give
    yourself an allowance for items like your morning coffee each week and
    when the money is gone, stop spending. Using cash will keep you mindful
    of your habits, and knowing where your money goes is an important first
    step to organizing your spending.

From the big projects to the little things, organization works best
as a process that evolves as your life changes. Every so often, just
regroup and roll with it!

 | 10 Tips to Organize Your Life

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