Ouch! Mariah Carey Can’t Even Lip Sync Properly—Watch Her Shaky Performances!

Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey ended 2014 with a rough performance and it looks like 2015 isn’t doing her any favors either.

Fans poured out in waves to see the famous diva perform at the Jamaica Jazz
and Blues festival, but instead of seeing Mariah singing her heart out, they watched her lip sync…and completely fail at that, too. The Jamaica Observer had praised the “Always Be My Baby” singer’s performance, but fans went to the publication’s website to slam its reporting after it called her “one of the best.”

One commenter wrote, “All Mariah did was lip sync…..I guess the crowd was more excited to see Marian perform than to listen for a genuine performance,” while another one went so far as to say, “I must have witnessed a different show.”

Another fan agreed with the masses, noting, “She was lipping all night. At one point she had the mic at her mouth the song was playing and the crowd swear she was singing… She
didn’t do one live song.”

Mariah Carey

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Maroon Ent

One other user revealed that the festival’s attendees were
allegedly screaming, “There were persons shouting, ‘We want the real


The videos clearly show Mariah either mouthing the wrong words or lipping nothing at all, leaving the music to do all of the work for her. It’s unclear whether or not she was missing cues or had simply forgotten her own lyrics, but the proof is definitely in this pudding!

The “Hero” crooner didn’t receive reviews that were any better after her live performance at the Christmas tree lighting in December. The usually incredibly talented singer struggled to hit the high notes she is famous for and also fumbled with her earpiece throughout her time on stage.

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She has been going through a rough time in her personal life with estranged husband Nick Cannon filing for divorce after six years of marriage, which also could be taking its toll on her performances.

Watch the videos below to see Mariah Carey’s performances, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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