9 Valuable Things You Didn’t Know Are Lying Around Your House

Without even knowing it, you may be sitting on a shiny goldmine.

Don’t be so quick to toss out those worn-out books and dusty toys.
Your basement of junk may be a treasure trove of items worth a fortune.
After all, no one wants to throw out a Pokémon card, only to later learn that it was worth $3,750 on eBay.

Here are nine things in your home that could be more valuable than you think.

  • 1. Old electronics


    Why not convert your old and unwanted electronics into cash?
    The amount of money your gadget is worth depends on what kind of device
    it is, its condition and where you sell it.
  • 2. Children’s toys and games


    Start digging through your attic, because those toys and games from the ’90s can be worth a fortune. For example, an original Nintendo Game Boy (pictured above) was sold for $949.95 on eBay.
    Image: eBay
  • 3. Collectible cards


    If you have collectible cards buried in your storage room,
    it’s worth taking a closer look at them. Pokémon cards and vintage
    baseball cards, for example, can earn you some big bucks.
    Image: eBay
  • 4. Costume jewelry

    slick just sold a costume jewelry ring for $50 on ebay that I got for free so I’d say life is pretty good

    — Abby Criswell (@AbbyCriswell1) July 3, 2014

    Used or not, costume jewelry has its value. Its price is
    determined by how old it is, its condition and its designer. Antique and
    vintage costume jewelry tend to have more value.
  • 5. Coins


    It may be a good idea to break out that old piggy bank. Coins
    are often overlooked, but landing on the right one can earn you more
    than just a pretty penny. Today, coins with errors, rare coins and other
    valuable coins are still in circulation and are worth more than their
    face value.
    Image: eBay
  • 6. Vinyl records and classic CDs


    Take a trip down memory lane by taking a second look at your
    record and CD collection. Depending on its rarity and condition, prices
    for vinyl records with original sleeves and CDs can rake in some serious
    Image: eBay
  • 7. Old magazines and advertisements


    Do you have some old magazine issues tucked inside your garage? Scout
    them out, because there are plenty of collectors out there who want

    The appeal of a collectible magazine in print has grown over time. The older it is, the higher the value.

    Image: eBay
  • 8. Stamps


    An old stamp can be worth almost nothing — or everything. If you
    have stamps lying around, take a closer look at them and research online
    to figure out their value.

    Philatelists (people who collect stamps) may be willing to pay a lot to take them off your hands.

    Image: eBay
  • 9. Classic books and comics


    Books gain value over time, so it’s a good idea to research a
    given book’s worth before selling it. The prices for first, early or
    out-of-print editions can be sky high — especially if it’s a vintage
    children’s book.
    Image: eBay

9 Valuable Things You Didn’t Know Are Lying Around Your House

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