‘Hero’ Who Returned Missing Boy Arrested for His Kidnapping (VIDEO)


A man who was initially thought to be a hero for dropping off a missing 4-year-old boy at a convenience store after
he found him “wandering around” has been arrested for kidnapping him.
George White, 56, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was caught on surveillance
camera as he brought a missing tot, Quinton Thompson, into a
convenience store and left him there, saying he’d found him on the
streets. At first glance, it seemed like a man doing the right thing.
Upon further glance, it was much more sinister.

It all started when Quinton’s mother, Stefannie Thompson, left the
boy with his grandmother Saturday night while she went out with friends.
When she returned around 5 a.m. and went to check on Quinton, she was
astonished to find he was nowhere in the house.

She told News 9:

This is a parent’s worst nightmare, is for their kid to disappear and
not know where they’re at, not know if they’re OK. For every second to
go by and if anything has happened to them not knowing if they ate or
anything. It’s just the worst thing ever.

In a panic, Steffanie woke up her mother and demanded to know where
Quinton was. Her mother told her the little boy was in bed. “No, he’s
not,” Steffanie said. She then called police. A massive manhunt ensued.

But by 11:30 a.m., awesome news came in. Quinton had been dropped off
at a convenience store by a man who said he found him wandering around.
He then left.

Police searched for the man, hoping to ask him questions about the boy. An anonymous tip led to his whereabouts.

It turns out the man, who at first seemed to be Quinton’s savior, was really his alleged kidnapper.

Police say that White knocked on the family’s door sometime in the
evening and the little boy answered. White says the boy was home alone,
so he took him for his own safety. This is, of course, a bizarrely
implausible explanation. Why not bring him to the police then? Instead, authorities say that the man took the boy’s tablet and got him dressed and left with him.

Police believe the man then took Quinton to his house and kept him
there for about six hours. It’s unclear what happened to the little boy
during that time. He then dropped him off at the store.

As if all of this isn’t scary enough, White was already a convicted kidnapper. He had served 12 years in prison for kidnapping an ex-girlfriend.

Despite the fact that Quinton initially told the store clerk he knew White, police say White did not know Quinton or his mother.

Terrifying to think a man could just knock on a door and snatch a
little boy. Did he know a child lived there? Had he been watching the

It’s just fortunate the man didn’t do worse to the boy and that he
returned him to safety. You have to be grateful for that, at least. It
could have ended with horrible, tragic news.

White remains in jail awaiting formal charges.

 | The Stir

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