Birthday Boy Bradley Cooper Looking 40 And F-I-N-E In W Magazine:


Bradley Cooper just turned 40 today, and appears on the newest cover of W magazine, wearing naught but suspenders and slacks.

bradley-cooper-best-performances-1542x1957Inside, dozens of notable performers were photographed by Tim Walker
as part of the annual “Movie” issue. The series “was influenced by the
colorful, sun-drenched Los Angeles paintings and photographs of David
Hockney, as well as the ’70s free-love aesthetic that informs the
artist’s work.”

According to the piece, all the celebrity models “were excited to
play, to be transformed, to embrace personae that were extreme, odd, and
truly fascinating.”

Currently appearing on Broadway in The Elephant Man, Cooper talked to W about his latest awards-bound film role, in American Sniper.

“I had advantages in making a film about the Iraq War,” says Cooper.
On USO tours, I went to bases in the middle of nowhere in enemy
territory. I was with the soldiers in their barracks, and I really got a
sense of it. And, oddly, I had experience from having starred in The A-Team. I learned how 
to shoot guns for that film. After making it, an M-4 
felt as comfortable to me as 
a tennis racquet.”

Okay, don’t get too cocky, there, Bradley.

Below, a press photo of Bradley Cooper from The Elephant Man.


h/t: W magazine; photos; Tom Miller, Joan Marcus


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