The Most Popular Word of 2014 Isn’t a Word


According to the Global Language Monitor,
a research organization that charts the language we’re using, the most
popular word of 2014 isn’t even a word — it’s an emoji. After analyzing
social-media feeds, print and electronic publications, and blogs, the
organization discovered that the heart emoji was the most used “word” of
2014 — deployed billions of times a day, all over the world.

it sad that our modern love of emoji usage is beginning to chip away at
our ability to use real words in casual interactions? Is it scary to
think that one day, we’ll be a wordless society communicating primarily
through pictographs, like the cavemen before us? I suppose it’s
heartening that if we are reverting to preliteracy, it’s love
dominating, and not, say, that naughty eggplant emoji. What’s really sad is that I can’t use emoji in this post to express my feelings (crying , gun to head, cigarette, thumbs down).

— The Cut

via Blogger


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