What Pinoys served for medianoche


Photo from @wxndermike

MANILA, Philippines – It is no secret that Filipinos
love festivities. And although each of us has our own unique ways of
commemorating the festivities, one thing’s certain – we all serve good

Noche Buena has come and gone, and while we wait for another banquet
on the Media Noche, we are giving you a feast for your eyes. Here’s a
rundown of the dishes that were present at the Noche Buena table of some
of our Netizens.

Of course, Noche Buena would not be complete without lechon. Putting a
twist to the traditional lechon is this family who served a lechon
bread. Less cholesterol indeed!

Serving as the center-piece of this table is this Christmas-inspired cake.

Completing the Pinoy-inspired Noche Buena is the all-time favorite puto bumbong.

We all have our own style of serving Filipino food. This family has their very own Venezuelan style suman.

Queso de bola has been served to go with the all-meat Noche Buena of this family.

While some enjoyed their juicy hams and meats, this family opted for seafood.

Keeping the Noche Buena healthy with these fruits!

But this!  Who does not love PIZZA???

Great cooking effort for this family. ‘Tis the season to eat everything else on the table!

 The Philippine Star | philstar.com

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