Top Five Bucket List Travel Apps for The New Year


There’s no time like the present to come up with your travel
resolution list for the new year. Call it a bucket list if you’d like,
but I like the term Awesome Travel Must-Do-No-Matter-What List. Whatever
you decide to call it, here are some great apps to get you started on
that dreamy travel list for 2014.

1. TripCase
is a great app for anyone who has put “get more organized” on their New
Year’s resolutions list. This travel app organizes all travel plans and
itineraries, with real-time flight schedules and updates, gate changes,
delays and cancellations.. Available on iTunes and Android. Free.

2. My Bucket Listis
a good place to start those new bucket listers out there. The app lets
you easily create and manage a list of life goals and even lets groups
of friends participate in community advice, list suggestions, etc.
Available on iTunes and Android. $0.99.

3. Little Bit
is a new app perfectly geared to those looking to improve their
lifestyle habits this year. Referred to as a “goal-setting app”, Little
Bit helps people complete small and simple tasks to order to ultimately
make a regular habit out of those tasks. Users enter a small task that
they want to do every day, e.g. eat more fruit, read a book, take a
walk, etc. Once you complete the habit, you get a ” bit” and are able to
capture the moment with a photo. Once you have 21 bits, your new habit
is formed and a photo reel of your progress is unlocked to see how far
you’ve come. Cool, huh? Available on iTunes. $1.99

4. 1001 Wonders of the World app
is for the dreamer in all of us. The people behind the app claim that
this is “the Greatest Сollection of the Most Beautiful Places on the
Earth” and it would be hard to disagree. For blissful bucket list
inspiration, this app offers more than 2,000 professional photos of the
most beautiful spots on Earth to make the ultimate bucket list.
Available on iTunes. $0.99.

5. Private Island News may
be out of a lot of people’s reach, but it’s okay to be a dreamer,
right? This app offers news and commentary about private islands all
over the world. Perfect for those luxury travelers or those lottery
winners. Private Island News can come up with plenty of ideas to keep
your dream of owning a private island one day alive. Available on
iTunes. Free.

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