Start 2015 by feasting on this healthy ‘media noche’


“embutido” made from mushroom whole-wheat vege meat, vegesmoked
sausage, vegetables and whole-wheat vegan carrot cake with dairy-free
butter sauce. Contributed photo

Five of the 10 leading causes of illness and death in the
country—coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and
atherosclerosis—have one thing in common: diet. Experts say that
nutrients found in plants are one of our best natural allies to help
prevent lifestyle diseases, particularly stroke.

MEATLESS “embutido” made from mushroom whole-wheat vege meat, vegesmoked sausage, vegetables and whole-wheat vegan carrot cake with dairy-free butter sauce. Contributed photoNot only does a plant-based diet help prevent killer diseases,
studies have shown that such a diet even makes the body stronger;
sometimes, to Olympic proportions.

Dean Ornish, MD, in his program “Reversing Heart Disease,” cited
Olympic-class athletes such as champions Edwin Moses (track and field)
and Dave Scott (triathlete) who were on plant-based diets.

The downward spiral when one consumes even a single meal high in fat and animal protein is hard to go unnoticed.

“Even a single meal high in fat and cholesterol may cause the body to
release a hormone, thromboxane, which causes the arteries to constrict
and the blood to clot faster—one reason heart patients often get chest
pains after eating a fatty meal,” Ornish said.

Scientists such as T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Jacob Gould Schurman
professor emeritus of Cornell University’s nutrition biochemistry, have
lamented, however, that society and commerce have long believed, and
promoted, the myth that animal products (beef, pork, poultry, eggs,
etc.) and dairy are the primary sources of energy and protein essential
for strong bodies.

Campbell also pointed to the finding that casein, which makes up 87
percent of cow’s milk protein, promotes all stages of the cancer

So, before you sink your teeth into the next meaty morsel to bid
goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015, think first about how you can
creatively enjoy food that would enable you to actually make it to the
next year.

Healthy recipes include vegetarian kaldereta, a mix of tomato sauce,
coconut milk and fried or baked tofu, as prepared by vegan lifestyle
advocate Nona Andaya Castillo; tofu stroganoff, which consists of tofu,
shiitake mushroom (dried or fresh) and dairy-free cream sauce-cashew nut
with blended tofu.

There’s also plant-based smoked veggie meats sold at the Daily
Veggies store in Quezon City; mock meats at Oscar Anne’s (Leveriza
Street, near Adventist Hospital in Pasay City) and Daily Care Food Mart
(a vegetarian store) at 1963 San Marcelino Street corner Quirino Avenue,

Try tofu sisig or shiitake mushrooms at Blissful Belly on Xavierville
Avenue, Quezon City; Greens vegetarian restaurant (Tomas Morato, Quezon
City) and Pipino vegan restaurant at Malingap Street, Quezon City;
vegan burgers at Agico Restaurant (Araullo Street, San Juan); vegan
teriyaki at Corner Tree Cafe; vegetarian Vietnamese pho and vegetarian
shoyu ramen at Wabi Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery; log on to to find more options worldwide.

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