VH1’s Pop Queen Faceoff: The Winner Revealed! | VH1 Music News

Four weeks, four rounds, and hundreds of thousands of votes have all led up to this moment. VH1′s Pop Queen Faceoff
has come to an end, and a Queen of Pop has been crowned. Head below the
jump for the coronation ceremony! Can we get a drum roll, please?

It was an extremely close race, but Janet Jackson
has summoned her Rhythm Nation army to become VH1′s official Queen of
Pop. That’s right, the Queen of Pop is the sister to the King of Pop,
which creates a weird family dynamic that we won’t even go into. But
hey! Hear her highness discuss the release of her masterwork, Rhythm Nation 1814. Long live the queen!

To learn more about Janet’s unparalleled legacy, check our this piece on her many record breakingfirsts! Congrats
to all of the supremely talented singers who’ve been featured in this
event. Ladies, you’ve millions of people happy (and millions of
dollars), so really you’re all winners.

 | VH1 Music News

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