New Shocker: Mel B Was Hospitalized For Accidental Overdose; She Mixed Booze And Pills


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Spice Girl Mel B was hospitalized last weekend in London because the singer had an accidental overdose, mixing tranquilizers and alcohol, is exclusively reporting.

Controversy has swirled around the famed singer and TV judge after she recently split from husband Stephen Belafonte in the midst of rumors that he had abused her (which Belafonte denied).

And last weekend Mel, 39, missed a live taping of British X Factor because she went to the hospital after reportedly suffering agonizing stomach pains.

She returned to the show but now a source has told Radar the truth
behind her medical crisis–that the star (whose full name is Melanie
Brown), “was hospitalized because she mixed tranquilizers, including
Xanax, with alcohol. It was absolutely accidental, and not intentional.
She wasn’t suicidal, but the pressure of being back in London brought a
lot of unresolved issues to the surface concerning being estranged from mother, Andrea, and the rest of her family.”

As Radar has previously reported, Mel’s mom Andrea, took to Twitter
with an explosive claim of receiving a “vile abusive”phone call from the
singer’s estranged husband Belafonte.

Andrea also hinted that her daughter, the mother of three, had been physically abused.

But the source told Radar, “Stephen absolutely never laid a hand on her. If anything, Stephen went above and beyond trying to help Mel.”

However, she IS under stress, said the source, and “since being back
in London, Mel lost a lot of weight, and that is why she had bruises on
her arms. Nurses had a very hard time getting an i.v. started on her,
and the bruising was a result of that.”

Several days after being hospitalized, Mel was discharged and has
been staying in a London hotel with her daughters Phoenix and Angel.
London doctors have given Mel medical clearance to return to the United
States, which she is ready to do.

On Saturday afternoon, the mother of three’s psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy, was spotted at LAX en route to London.

The source explained, “While Mel has been given medical clearance to
return, she feels extremely vulnerable…a lot has gone down in just a
short period of time. She has been paralyzed with fear for the past week
living in the hotel, and the British press has been relentless in
covering the story. The only person she feels safe with
is Dr. Sophy. The plan is for him to go to the hotel, meet with her,
and hopefully feel comfortable enough to get on the plane to come back
to Los Angeles.”

Meanwhile, Belafonte is currently staying at a Beverly Hills hotel
with their daughter, Madison, 3, because their house is under

As for the future of the marriage, Radar’s source added, “There is no
way of knowing if Mel and Stephen will get divorced. He only wants the
best for her, and there is still a lot of love there.”

 | Radar Online

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