Robin Thicke’s Drug Confession May Give New Insight Into Split With Paula


Robin Thicke

You’ve got to hand it to Robin Thicke. He may be a complete mess, but at least he’s honest about it. Robin is being sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate for ripping off Marvin’s legendary tune “Got to Give It Up” and repackaging it as “Blurred Lines.”
But Robin has an awesome excuse for why he’s not responsible for the
two songs sounding so similar — it’s because while the song was being
made, he was high as a kite! TMZ reports that Robin said during his deposition:

I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio.

But just in case it wasn’t enough to be totally loopdy-loo while
recording the song, he admits he’s been drunk and out of it, well,
pretty much all of the time, forever. Asked about why he said in an
interview that “Blurred Lines” was written after he said that “Got to
Give It Up” was his favorite song, he said:

With all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year.

LMAO! Sorry, being drunk and high all of the time isn’t funny, but something about the way Robin just puts it out there is. Robin seems totally unaware that you’re supposed to lie about stuff like that. Robin, the phrase is, “I do not recall.”

But just in case that doesn’t get him out of trouble, he blames the whole thing on Pharrell Williams — saying it was really HIM who wrote the song and he had nothing to do with it.

He also went ahead and dredged up Paula Patton’s name again — and poor Paula. The question isn’t why she left him
but why she was with him for so long. Not only could the guy not keep
his hands off other women, but couldn’t keep them off the booze and
pills either.

He told Gaye’s lawyer that he’s been sober for two months now,
because, “When your wife leaves you, it gives you good reason to sober

Erm, but she left you over six months ago, Robin.

More from The Stir: Robin Thicke’s Hand Grab of Pretty Fan’s Behind May Get Him Into More Trouble Than Miley Cyrus

All in all, Robin lets us know a couple of things in this depo: One,
he’ll throw a friend and cowriter under the bus. Two, he has (had?)
quite a substance abuse problem and that likely factored into his split.

But at least he’s not trying to hide it!

| The Stir

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