Before & After: A Dream White Kitchen Renovation at Half the Cost


Jordan and her growing family were looking for a home, but knew with
San Francisco’s high prices they would probably have to settle for a
home that didn’t quite match their dreams. Even though friends warned
her of the high prices of renovating, discounts were searched for and
they did a lot of work themselves.

From Jordan:

My husband and I recently bought our first home together in San
Francisco. We wanted a large home that had space for our growing family.
But with the insane prices of real estate in San Francisco we knew we
couldn’t buy our dream home, and would have to settle for a place with
an outdated kitchen and bath. We found our home that was perfect for us:
beautiful views of the ocean, lots of sunlight and plenty of room for a
growing family.

However the seriously outdated kitchen was
little to be desired. I knew I had to remodel ASAP. Everyone warned me
of the crazy costs of remodeling the kitchen, as well as the horror
stories. So I spent months designing my space, then months finding all
the materials at discounted prices. I was able to find most of my
materials at almost half the cost of brand names.

I then found
an amazing contractor who just strictly did the labor and I did
everything else: found and picked up the materials, did the floor plans,
and made all executive decisions.

The result was just
spectacular; I couldn’t have asked for more. We opened up the wall
between the living and kitchen space and now have a fully open concept
living area with views out to the ocean from all rooms.

I have
my dream white kitchen at half the cost of an average renovation (even
while splurging on some items, like the fridge and dishwasher).

 | Apartment Therapy

via Blogger


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