Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Jenner Slams Kanye West With Cryptic Tweet To Gauge Fan Reaction to Split

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Jenner Slams Kanye West With Cryptic Tweet To Gauge Fan Reaction to Split

Kim Kardashian paid a secret visit to divorce lawyer Laura Wasser last week and rumors are that a Kanye West divorce might be in the offing.
The Kardashian-Jenner clan is all about posting vague tweets to create a
little buzz. They always have some truth to them, but they are
ambiguous enough so that they can easily spin it so the tweets appear to
mean something else entirely.

Matriarch Kris Jenner is no exception, and she proved that by posting
a cryptic message to Instagram that media outlets instantly guessed was
about her relationship with estranged hubby Bruce Jenner. Kris’ poetic
tweet read “He loved her most when she loved him least.” Now,
given these two have never been die-hard in love with one another, CDL
quickly surmised this tweet is in no way about former-Olympian Bruce.
The message implies that there was a time when the “he” didn’t love her
much and that just isn’t Bruce. While Bruce Jenner has been struggling for years with his identity, he did always dote on Kris Jenner and always treated her like a queen.

Since the comments were obviously not about Bruce, we know Kris must
be hinting to another relationship where the balance is off. Given
daughter Kim Kardashian
visited divorce lawyer Laura Wasser’s office last week in a
super-secretive visit, all hints point to Kris subtly hinting about
something to come. A source, who is a security guard at the building in
Los Angeles, told Media Take Out that elevators were cordoned off to
accommodate a secret visit by Kim Kardashian
to the high-priced divorce lawyer who also repped Kim in her divorce
from Kris Humphries. Kris strategizes everything and threw out the
comments on Instagram to feel out the reaction from the public.

If fans figured out it was about Kim and were outraged about a
potential divorce between Kim and husband Kanye West, she’d advise Kim
to hold out on divorcing her hot-tempered hubby for now and would
respond to the outcry by promising fans the Instagram post was not about
Kim. If the reaction was positive for a Kim and Kanye break-up, she’d
give Kim the go-ahead to follow through on divorcing Kanye West.  Kris
strategizes everything and knows that if Kim were to lose her fan base,
it could demolish the brand and the family’s continued earning

Kim came to her mom complaining that she just could not keep up with
the façade anymore. She married Kanye for many reasons, but none were
about love.  She feels she just cannot continue to pretend she is in
love with the rapper as she is not attracted to him at all. She hates
that he dresses so femininely and acts like a spoiled baby. She feels
she is set with money and a secure future and wants to truly find love
and have another child with a man she is truly in love with. She visited
Wasser to explore her options and has mom Kris feeling out fans for a
reaction to a potential divorce between the two divas.

Tell us CDLers…what would your reaction be to a Kim/Kanye divorce?

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