Shocking Video Of Hotel Housekeeping


A video is circulating the web of a hotel housekeeper rummaging through a guest’s belongings.
This video was apparently taken on November 5, 2014, at a US hotel, and based on the room design it looks to me like a Hampton Inn (though I could be wrong).
In the video a housekeeper is seen:

  • Looking at the guest’s package (okay, that sounds weird) a package the guest received
  • Trying to log into the guest’s computer multiple times
  • Looking at the guest’s video games and tablet
  • Using the same gloves to make the bed that she used in the bathroom

Interestingly the housekeeper doesn’t take anything. Obviously the situation is unacceptable, though I’m especially curious about her multiple attempts to access the laptop. Did she realize she was being filmed, and then tried to turn the camera off? That certainly doesn’t justify her trying to access a guest’s computer, though I’m trying to figure out what other spin there could be on what she was trying to do on the computer.
Regardless, the video is kind of disturbing. Living in hotels, and being a mild germ/security-phobe, I usually operate under the philosophy that what I don’t know can’t hurt me.
And now I know…

 – One Mile at a Time

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