Amal Clooney brings some glamour to her English wedding reception: fab or fug?


Amal Clooney brought the “gangster’s mistress” glamour to
her second wedding celebration/reception in England on Saturday. As
widely reported late last week, George Clooney, Amal and her parents did
some sort of private celebration for about 90 guests at the Danesfield
House Hotel in Marlow, England. I guess her parents sent out the
invites? And George had to fly in from LA just for this. Amal and
George’s honeymoon was pretty brief – they both went back to work
quickly and it seems they’re already doing the separate-lives thing.
It also seems like most of the guests were from Amal’s circle, her friends and family.

These are some pics from George and Amal’s entrance to the Danesfield
House – the paps got shots of them in the car. As I said, I think Amal
looks glamorous, but she is giving me an old-school gangster’s
girlfriend vibe. I think it’s the hair, the strong makeup and the gold
dress. Plus, I think she’s wearing a fur coat.

Meanwhile, Rande Gerber told People Magazine that Amal is perfect for
George because of course. Amal is perfect. She’s self-confident
without being conceited, she has a “devastating” sense of humor, she’s stylish, she has a law degree, she has great hair, she’s a loving aunt and marrying George Clooney was only a minor interruption from her brilliant legal career. It’s like Amal was built in a factory!

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber spent a raucous three
days in Italy celebrating George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding.
And by the end of it, they knew they were looking at a couple of soul

“I’ve been friends with George probably half my life. And it’s just
great that he found someone,” Gerber told PEOPLE Thursday at the opening
of photographer Brian Bowen Smith’s first solo show in West Hollywood.

Gerber, 52, and Crawford, 48, married since 1998, looked like a
couple of newlyweds themselves as they stole kisses on their way into
the show. And Gerber – longtime BFFs with Clooney, and vacation
neighbors in Mexico – also expounded on why he thinks Amal is so great
for George.

“She’s really perfect for him,” he said. “She’s smart and she’s
beautiful, engaging. She is, again … smart, but she doesn’t make you
feel stupid! She’s a great girl, and together I think they can do some
incredible things.”

[From People]

But is she “smart”? Yeah, I actually believe she IS a smart lady.
Which makes me wonder what Amal and George will really have in common in
the long run. George is “Hollywood smart,” meaning he’s smarter than the average movie star. But I do wonder if George is smart enough to keep up with Amal long-term.



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