As You Start to Take Good Care of Yourself, 12 Amazing Things Will Happen


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by Dr. Lily Jenkins 693 Shares

Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard work for some of us. The
temptation to cheat or splurge on things like cake and potato chips
sometimes outweighs the disciple it takes to push your way to your
fitness goals. However, maintaining your weight through exercise and
healthy eating habits is not only good for you physically, but mentally
too. Below, I’ve listed 12 amazing things that will happen to you as you
make up your mind to start taking good care of yourself.

1. You will have more energy.

Working out, believe it or not, gives you more energy, especially if
you exercise early in the morning. It helps you to tackle the day and
not be worn out by lunchtime. Also eating foods rich in vitamins and
minerals will fuel your body and keep your metabolism up.

2. You will be more conscious of what you place in your body.

Taking care of yourself will make you think more about what goes into
your body. You will begin to count calories, look at food labels, and
decrease your salt intake. Water will even become your best friend.

3. You will have more mental clarity.

Eating healthy carbohydrates like beans and legumes, and foods rich
in essential omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna, both give you
mental clarity and more brain stamina throughout the day. Those projects
that were usually harder to tackle become easier because you can now
make clearer decisions, freeing your mind to do things it would have
taken much longer to do or were more difficult to focus on.

4. You will get addicted to the gym.

Ever heard of ‘gym rats’? Well, many people proudly use this term to
describe the time they devote to the gym every day. But really it’s
because they have committed to living a lifestyle of regular
conditioning and they have results to prove it.

5. You will feel guilty when you mess up.

It only takes one time of eating the wrong thing or not finding the
time to exercise to make you feel regretful. However, when you learn to
not beat yourself up when you choose to do little things in moderation,
you get back up the next day and start on the journey to wellness all
over again.

6. You will lose weight.

This is truly a given when you learn to eat properly. Having five to
six small meals throughout the day burns calories constantly, even while
you sleep. Combine that with exercise and you will end up a lean, mean,
fighting machine.

7. You will gain more strength.

When you sit around all day at work and live a sedentary lifestyle,
you lose muscle mass; thus, you lose the brawn. But active people have
more strength and vitality working for them, which also keeps them
trying new things to gain fortitude.

8. You will begin to appreciate others.

When you abuse yourself, you ultimately abuse others. But when you
start to take care of yourself, you take care of your surroundings. You
will, in turn, admonish others to do the same.

9. You will become an advocate for healthy living.

When you get to a place of results in your life, you want to show
others how to see the same for themselves. Some people go into personal
training, while others start blogs and share recipes that are full of
healthy benefits. But the point is: they become a resource for other

10. You will be proud for how far you’ve come.

Everyone needs recognition for a job well done. When you take good
care of yourself, you will give your own self a pat on the back. You
will also celebrate by treating yourself. For example, a new wardrobe
would be nice. You deserve it for working so hard.

11. You will begin to live with more purpose.

There’s something about getting the thoughts of “I’m not good
enough,” or “I have to lose some of this weight,” or “I have too many
pressing things on my mind to exercise” out of one’s head and moving in
the direction of purpose that brings definite change in one’s life.
These thoughts truly can keep us from living a healthy lifestyle. Many
know these as excuses, but people who take good care of themselves don’t
have those things to worry about. They are more concerned about making an impact
and a strong impression on those they serve. Kind of like the advocate
for healthy living above, you will work to bring change in others
because you know that if you can do it, so can everyone else.

12. You will age gracefully.

The more you take care of yourself (physically, mentally, and
spiritually), the slower the aging process. Research has shown definite
advantages for aging gracefully associated with regular exercise, a
healthy diet, and even daily meditation. Our stance on life also has a
direct correlation with how we age. People who age gracefully have a
positive outlook on life and appreciate the little things that the world

Taking care of yourself means loving you enough to be good to your body, mind, and spirit. It frees you to be all that you can be!

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