Madonna Takes A Swipe at GaGa….Again!

The 56-year-old Queen of Pop – who is working on her 13th solo album –
has been locked in an ongoing feud with Gaga for several years
following claims that the 28-year-old singer plagiarised Madonna’s music.

Now The Sun has reported Madonna has been working on a track called
Two Steps Behind Me, and the leaked song includes the lyrics “You’re a
copycat, where is my royalty?”

Lady Gaga has always said that she had been a fan of Madonna and
taken inspiration from her, but the pair appeared to fall out when
Madonna began to comment on what she said were similarities between her
hit Express Yourself and Gaga’s Born This Way.

And Gaga hit back in an interview last year: “I think she’s more
aggravated that I’m not upset that she doesn’t like me… I don’t want
your f**king throne, no thanks, I have my own.”

– Showbiz Spy

via Blogger


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