Iggy Azalea Turned Down The Chance To Work On Ariana Grande’s Debut LP ‘Yours Truly’

Iggy Spills The Tea

Iggy Azalea turned down the chance to work on Ariana Grande‘s debut LP Yours Truly because she mistook the pint-sized diva for a child. “She reached out to me for her first album,” the “Fancy” hitmaker revealed in an interview with Grammy.com. “And I didn’t do it even though I thought she was amazing because I thought she was much younger than what she is.”

“When I realized she was so close to my age, I was like — wait you’re
an adult!” the Australian rap queen continues. “I felt that my music
was kind of so risque and I knew she had a Disney show… I didn’t feel it
was appropriate but then I actually met her and I found out that she’s a
grown-up and I was like ‘oh ok!’” The duo subsequently worked together
on summer smash “Problem”, so all’s well that end’s well. Watch the amusing interview up top.

Are you happy Iggy waited a year before working with Ari? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Grammy.com].

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