Beyonce’s 2014 VMA Performance Proves She & Jay Z Are Not Getting Divorced


hate yourself if you, like a million other people, believed with all of
your heart that Beyonce and Jay Z were headed for divorce court. With
so many rumors and changed song lyrics and news of all of Hova’s other
girls and gossip about Bey getting “uncoupling” advice from none other
than Gwyneth Paltrow, it really seemed like they were kaput.
But Beyonce’s legendary performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards changed all — or at least many — of our minds about the most famous couple in the world. After giving us an outstanding 15-minute performance, the star received a Michael Jackson Vanguard Award from her hubby and the loving and emotional moment that followed will probably squash divorce talk once and for all.

only did Beyonce prove she is one of the most deserving performers in
MTV history to receive the Vanguard award — running through songs from
her Beyonce album like it was no big thing — but she also sent us a powerful message: we’re welcome into her world, but up to a certain point. After that, it’s all about Bey, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy.

While she was killing it during Drunk In Love, we got a
glance at her husband in the audience, who, with Blue on his lap, looked
absolutely in awe of his brilliant wife. And then the moment of truth:
Jay Z was given the task of gifting the major award to Beyonce and we
wondered whether he could pull it off considering how much these two
apparently loathe one another.

After calling her the “greatest living entertainer,” he and Blue greeted Bey, who broke down in tears.
She gave Jay Z a sincere kiss — you can’t fake that kind of thing —
and locked her family in for a group embrace. Clapping for her mommy,
Blue looks happy and unaware of anything wrong between her parents,
which of course the tot should be whether they are having problems or

So there you have it. Sure, it’s possible these two are continuing to
keep up appearances because HBO invested a great deal in them with its
upcoming On the Run documentary. But this sweet moment, along
with other recent ones in which the Carter family was spotted out and
about together, is enough to convince me that, while they may have
marital issues like everyone else on earth, they are sticking together.

For now, at least.

| The Stir

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