8 VMA Moments Your Parents Will Totally Hate

The MTV Video Music Awards is not only the biggest night in music videos, it’s also the night that
likely makes your parents scratch their heads, drop their jaws and go, “Whaaaa?” Yup, from Miley’s twerk to Britney’s snake, the VMAs are an event that makes the older set super uncomfortable.

And tonight — tonight was no different. I mean, two words, y’all, “Nicki Minaj.”
She and her, uh, assets were all over this VMAs. And that’s just the
tip of the anaconda. Check out the eight VMA moments that will make your
‘rents lock up your TV-viewing devices below:

1.) Taylor Swift’s General Pantslessness


2.) Usher Copping A Feel


3.) Nicki’s Wardrobe Malfunction


4.) And Basically Everything Else Nicki Did


5.) I Meeeeean


6.) Bey Also Brought It With These Stripper Poles


7.) Yup, So Much Booty


8.) Kids Today…


Brenna Ehrlich – MTV

via Blogger http://ift.tt/1ntsCei


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