TV Stars Disses Robin Williams Death ….

By Jancy Richardsonon August 13th, 2014 at 6:00pm
I just don’t know where to begin with this. First, Robin Williams died, in what was allegedly suicide.

is upsetting enough, but now a couple of uneducated, thoughtless people
have decided to go touting their offensive opinions about his death.

On live TV, Fox News presenter Shep Smith called Robin Williams ‘such a coward’ for taking his own life.

    Shep Smith's comments on Robin Williams were vile.
Shep Smith’s comments on Robin Williams were vile.

Quite apart from how stupid, how ill-informed and ignorant Smith’s comment was, it was just plain cruel to another human being.

You don’t insult the deceased. You don’t say things that will hurt a grieving family. Shep Smith, your armchair critic views are NOT more important than common respect and decency.

This comes after Todd Bridges, child star of Diff’rent Strokes, tweeted the following unnecessary, hurtful remark about Robin Williams:

It is a very selfish act you’re not thinking about your family your friends or your fans

    Todd Bridges lacks tact and empathy.
Todd Bridges lacks tact and empathy.

I don’t like giving free publicity to these idiots, but I think it’s worth talking about to spread awareness of depression, suicide, and the ignorance about it.

Let’s get something straight.

a depressed person is a ‘coward’ or ‘selfish’ for wanting to end their
suffering is like telling someone with cancer they shouldn’t complain
about their symptoms.

    Robin Williams was no 'coward'.
Robin Williams was no ‘coward’.

thoughtless celebrities have since apologized, but a hasty backtracking
under public pressure is not the same as really opening your eyes.

Don’t let these heartless people dirty the memory of Robin Williams. Please share this to help change close-minded views about depression and suicide.


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