That’s Too Lame Nick Cannon….. Admit It You Got Dumped By Mariah…He Don’t Need A LO Lifer Like YOU!


nick cannon (1)

Oh, this IS getting nasty. Although Nick Cannon supposedly has an NDA that prevents him from talking about his split from Mariah Carey,
“someone close to him” is telling TMZ that Nick left Mariah. He also
claims to be concerned about Mariah’s “emotional state.” How childish is
this? RELATED: Mariah Carey is said to be unhappy about Nick Cannon talking about their split.
“Sources” tell TMZ:

Nick has made it clear to all involved … he’s deeply
concerned about Mariah’s emotional state and is ending the marriage for
the well being of their kids. He believes the environment around Mariah
is toxic and fears for his kids.

We’re told Nick believes his kids have already shown signs of emotional upset living with Mariah.

Our sources say Nick’s MO is simple … he wants to create an
environment separate from Mariah that gives the kids a safe haven from
the “chaos” at her home…

And finally we’re told Nick is taking a “passive” role in the divorce
… telling his lawyers to take the path of least resistance to end
things as peacefully as possible.

So is Nick going to give up the DJ gigs and the traveling so the kids
can be with him? And how peaceful is a split supposed to be when
“people close to you” start saying stuff like this? I hope Nick and
Mariah’s split doesn’t turn into a nasty custody battle. Something tells
me Nick has no interest in being a full-time Dad, but who knows what
goes on behind closed doors? This sounds like an effort to “save face,”
but the whole “I dumped you first” bit is so immature. Seriously.


 by I’m Not Obsessed

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