Summer Homes + Anne Black Ceramics

Let’s talk about summer home envy and ceramics. I have some Anne Black
ceramics in my home (and on my ears!) and even some knobs for my china
cabinet are from her Danish design studio. I loved looking at her recent
work on her website today, particularly her bloom vases. The colors are
soft, earthy and pretty and I enjoy the natural forms.


But then I came across, once again the knobs that first introduced me
to her line, along with some hooks, and their simplicity and colorways
made me smile. Her Ruth plate with the bird is a delight for the eyes, too. The seam candle cup is another favorite. I love this snapshot below of some of them. Dots of happiness!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.14.17 PM

And have you seen her summer home in Bolig magazine? Here’s a sampling below. I want a little summer home. My good friend and neighbor Tinna
is Danish and has not one but TWO summer homes and I just sit here some
days thinking WHAT AM I DOING WRONG because I have to get a summer home
too! I mean, it’s sort of a thing here in Europe for people to have
summer getaways that they own, I know many who do… And I don’t mean big
country estates. Nothing fancy or OTT. Usually they are tiny, humble
cottages near the sea nestled in small villages in either the
Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or the northern coast of Germany and the
German islands.

I honestly don’t care how remote it is, or how in need of revamping, I
just long to be near the coast and to have a small summer home to
disappear to each year that little Aidan and his papa. A place to call
his second home… A place to play in the yard, cook outside, sun bathe in
the yard where I can wear a bikini without worrying about the wobbly
bits. Where I can get a small blow up pool, finger paint on the patio
with my little sweetheart… Ride bikes to the shore. Oh yes, this sounds
like my kind of life. So maybe I need to find a summer home? Perhaps
I’ll beginning looking next Spring… Until now, let’s all peek in on
Anne’s place below photographed by the amazing (and one of my all time
favorites) photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer



Do you also dream of owning a small summer cottage?

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