Okay, Now I’m Starting To Think Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos | Pink is the New Blog


So, a lot of celebrities have been accused of photoshopping their
Instagram photos recently and there’s a big part of me that just really
did not want to believe that. I feel like the whole point of Instagram
is that “in the moment” vibe. And with celebrity Instagram accounts, I
feel like it’s such a cool opportunity for them to give us a glimpse
into their real lives, sans photoshop. But alas, I’m starting to think
the rumors—specifically the ones about Beyoncé are totally true. Two recent photos of hers look a little strange to me.

This one is from a few days ago, and people pointed out the wonkiness
of her wine glass and her phone. I think the argument is that her thigh
was photoshopped and it effected those other parts of the picture:

And then with this one, the area around her waist just looks weird to
me. I know she has a tiny waist, but still… And, I usually don’t like
reading the type of articles where people are hysterically pointing at
tiny bits of evidence, like, “OMG LOOK! LOOK! He waist looks too tiny and too perfect and the top of her jeans doesn’t even look real!!!” LOL. But that’s kinda how I feel right now:

Am I crazy or what? And if she is using photoshop, am I wrong to be completely and totally put off by that?

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