Caleb Johnson….Caleb who? Is the worst-selling ‘American Idol’ winner of all time! You mean he won? When?


Caleb Johnson debuted at #24 on the Billboard 200 charts selling 11,000 units of his album Testify.

This is the lowest debut week in rank and number of units sold for an American Idol winner ever. The previous record-holder was Candice Glover who sold 19,000 units during the first week for Music Speaks and Lee DeWyze who opened at #19 for his album Live It Up.

Congratulations Caleb!

I guess Caleb’s strategy of upsetting long-time Idol fans, such as those of David Cook, didn’t work. He recently called David Cook a non-rocker, which prompted the Season 7 winner to retaliate with a Led Zeppelin performance during a concert. The fan backlash against Caleb on the Internet was swift.

Hopefully, Caleb won’t harp on Kris Allen, another Idol winner, who also released an album the same week as him. Kris sold 4,000 units for his first indie release Horizon. This actually is not bad for an indie, specially compared to Caleb who was backed by a major label.

Caleb Johnson’s chart performance now calls into question FOX’s
strategy of positioning American Idol as the show that actually can sell
music (as compared to its competitor, The Voice,
which has emerged as the #1 singing show in America). Artists coming
from The Voice (winners and non-winners) are not known to have the same
selling-power as those from Idol. However, with these numbers from
Caleb, Idol and The Voice are now at parity in regards to music sales
post-show for recent winners.

Caleb Johnson is worst-selling 'American Idol' winner of all time

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