Nicki Minaj on Drake Lap Dance: I Was Drunk!

It’s ass-tastic brilliance really can’t be put into words, particularly the scenes in which Nicki gives Drake a lap dance for the ages:

See what we mean? Sure, she keeps her clothes on, but it’s still pretty obvious that this girl loves her work.

While in the past, there had been rumors that Nicki and Drake are
dating, both parties swear they’re just friends, so you might think that
this shoot may have gotten a bit awkward.

Fortunately, Nicki took full advantage of the universal cure for shyness – liquor!

Asked by a fan on Twitter if the dance was choreographed or rehearsed, Nicki quickly replied that it was “all drunk freestyle.”

Anyone who’s seen Nicki’s shower selfies
knows that the 31-year-old rapper isn’t exactly the shy type, but
there’s a big difference between posing for your own iPhone and grinding
on your BFF in front of a camera crew.

So it’s understandable that Nicki wanted to have a few to take the edge off.

We just hope at some point she reveals what she was drinking. We’d love to know what makes people that uninhibited!

Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake

So… what do you think, Drake? The singer gets an up close and
VERY personal look at Nicki Minaj in this tease for the “Anaconda” music

 – The Hollywood Gossip

via Blogger


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