Nick Cannon: Depressed Over Mariah Carey Split, Rarely Gets to See His Children


Rumors had been circulating for months, so few were surprised yesterday when Nick Cannon confirmed his separation from Mariah Carey.

Even so, going public with the split may have been a foolish move on Cannon’s part.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet PhotoNick and Mariah posing for the paps. The couple is believed to have one of Hollywood’s most stable marriages.

Reports that Cannon cheated on Mariah
appear to be false, but even so, Carey seems to be holding all the
cards with regard to custody of the couple’s two-year-old-twins.

Sources say Carey is “pissed”
that Cannon went public despite signing a non-disclosure agreement, and
she may take it out on him by further restricting his already limited
visitation rights.

While we don’t know the cause of the separation of who initiated it,
insiders seem to think it wasn’t Cannon’s idea, but he may be the one
who holds most of the blame.

While Carey has been permitted to stay at home with the children,
Cannon has reportedly been living in hotels for several months, which
seems to indicate that there was some indiscretion on Cannon’s part.

Friends close to Cannon say the comedian seems “depressed,” and likely
went public with the news of his separation simply because he’d reached a
low point and was tired of keeping up appearances.

Though it seems Cannon didn’t make his revelation for revenge purposes,
he may still face retribution from Carey who reportedly wanted to keep
the split a secret until after her upcoming tour.

 – The Hollywood Gossip

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