Is Rihanna The ‘New Madonna’?

Rihanna And Her Septum Piercing Cover ‘W’

While her cover and its corresponding shoot feature a lot of fur and makep in unexpected places,
the second spread is all Balmain and supermodel everything. Yep, Rih is
joined by Naomi Campbell and Iman. No big deal. JK, it’s a HUGE
deal—Rih proves she can fully hold her own alongside two of the world’s
greatest supermodels of all-time. Oh, and Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s
creative designer, describes her as “the new Madonna.” So yeah, this article and these photos are a BFD.

Rihanna, Iman, Naomi Campbell

‘W’ Magazine

I’ll say it: The beauty in this photo is almost too much? I can’t
stop staring at it, so good luck to my boss who’s not getting any work
from me turned in today. There are rope shirts, chunky necklaces and
bracelets, and wow, all that smolder.

Rihanna, Iman, Naomi Campbell

‘W’ Magazine

How am I supposed to carry on with my day after looking at this? Is that some sort of a joke?

Rihanna, Iman, Naomi Campbell

‘W’ Magazine

In one shot there is a special guest: Olivier Rousteing himself. Besides dubbing them #fashionlegends, #icons, and #queens,
Olivier explains that they have a significant meaning to him and,
ultimately, Balmain. “These women are inspiring to so many different
people,” he tells W. “Bringing them together represents the concept I’m working toward.”

 – MTV

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