Use a Balikbayan Box Bag to secure your boxes

Moving to Canada, we brought our things in those standard 20 x 20 x 20 balikbayan boxes. I didn’t really want to hassle myself tying our boxes with rope so we look for other means of securing them during transport.
balikbayan box bag 1
While looking over at forums, Tia discovered the Balikabayan Box Bag. This made it easier for us to handle our boxes and it also protected our box from getting wet which might happen when traveling during winter.
We bought our Balikbayan Box bag from Bon-Bon Merchandisers over at Binondo for P450 each. If you don’t want to go to Binondo, Ace Hardware is selling them for P1k+ I think.
bonbon merchandisers binondo

How to get to Bon-Bon Merchandisers in Binondo

  1. Make your way to Plaza Ruiz which is the park fronting Binondo Church. I rode a Divisoria jeep from Pasay Taft and got off Plaza Ruiz.
  2. Walk towards the street on the left which is Juan Luna.
  3. Look for the United Group Building which should be on the left side of the street and Bon-Bon is underneath it.

Titanium Balikbayan Box Bag

The bag is a brand called Titanium Outdoor Gear. It’s made of thick heavy-duty nylon material with the handle straps stitched pretty well in different sections for reinforced handling. The inside has what seems to be a waterproof lining like the one used in tarps.
balikbayan box bag 3
There’s also a slot on top for you to slide in your label. It weighs roughly 2 lbs. so take that into consideration if you’re aiming for the 50 lbs. check-in limit for international travels. The bag also made it easier for us to lift to check its weight without having to seal the boxes yet.
balikbayan box bag 2
The zippers go all the way on all three sides on the top flap. You can secure the two zippers together using a TSA lock although we chose to lock them with cable ties instead.
balikbayan box bag 4
It proved to be quite useful for us since we can also use it whenever we move to a different house. If you use balikbayan boxes a lot to transport things by yourself, the BB bag should come in really handy.

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